Most Innovative AR/VR Solution Providers

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The Vivid Future of AR/VR is on the Brink!

Emerging technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are disrupting the lifestyle of the entire global community. Virtual reality detaches people from the real environment […]

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Bo Bennekov | CEO | Bolverk XR
Bolverk XR: Airline Training in VR Makes Total Sense

With the successive wave of latest technology trends, aviation industry has been benefitted in a massive way. AR/VR is bringing immense possibilities to the aviation […]

Darya Yegorina | Founder & CEO | CleverBooks
CleverBooks: Rejuvenating Kids’ Learning through Augmented reality

CleverBooks provides STEM-oriented global curriculum-based teaching and learning solutions for primary education. Empowering Kids Learning in the acquisition of necessary for the 21st Century skills […]

Kayvan Mirza | CEO & Co-founder | Optinvent
Optinvent: Disruptive Devices Reimagined for Enchanting User Experience

The market for AR in industry is currently in its infancy but is emerging. Current software solutions are still not able to seamlessly integrate into […]

Cyril Tuschi | CEO & Founder | You-VR
You-VR: A Worldwide VR Multiplayer Solution Provider

Founded in 2015, You-VR is a solution provider for the entertainment industry (LBE) and added multiplayer B2B solutions. Founding the entertainment brand Vonderland for international […]

Simon Lajboschitz | CEO & President | Khora
Khora: Expanding the Stunning World of AR/VR

With a mission of expanding reality through value-creating applications of Virtual and Augmented Reality Khora was established in 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Combining a storefront, […]

Pierre-Henri Chuet, callsign “Até” | Founder | Mach 3 Management
Mach 3 Management: An Epoch-Making Approach to Corporate Training

Fighter pilots work in an unforgiving environment. Especially if operating from an aircraft carrier. To survive and accomplish their missions in a high workload, rapidly […]