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Creating the Next-Gen Benchmark in the Technological Industry

Application Lifecycle Management is one such process that is being used to coordinate and manage different phases of software development. It is also known by the name of product lifecycle management of computer programs. It is often referred to as the supervision of a software application just from its initial planning to its retirement. In other words, it also refers to the process of tracking and documenting all the changes that takes place on an application. The change is referred in terms of software development and is expressed in terms of DevOps…………….
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The 10 Most Innovative ALM Solution Providers

David Messina | CMO | Docker- Insights Success

Docker: Revolutionizing Container Management and Helping Businesses Improve Efficiency

With the sudden rise in the amount of data into the world of Informational Technology, there arises the necessity and demand for an integrated container system. Enterprises are now looking for a complete platform...
Magdy Hanna | Ph.D., CTO & Chief Architect | Rommana Software- Insights Success

Rommana Software: Defining the Field of Integrated Application Lifecycle Management

With an aim to establish the field of “integrated” application lifecycle management and to make a clear distinction between real integrated ALM systems and many of the tools on the market that are referred...
Ran Rachlin | Co - Founder & CEO | Ubertesters - Insights Success

Ubertesters: A Professional Testing SDK and Revolutionary Cloud Platform for Business

Besides serving hundreds of customers globally, Ubertesters offers a complete range of testing solution for digital products to help organizations launch a well-tested product. The company was established by Ran Rachlin (CEO) and Alexey...
Vaios Vaitsis | Founder & CEO | Validata - Insights Success

Validata: Helping Businesses Increase Revenue through Qualitative ALM Platform

The world is getting digitized every moment and the industry of software is expanding at a massive rate to fulfill the daily needs of our lives.  With this sudden shift in the industry, there...
Mr. AV Sridhar | Co - Founder, President & CEO | Digite, Inc - Insights Success

Digité – A Leading Solution Provider with an Innovative Perspective

In this age of rapid technological advancements and relentless competition, an organization’s success hinges on providing the best possible products and services to its clients. That, in turn, requires a constant adoption of the...

CXO Stanpoint

Information Technology Revolution

In recent years we have been witnessing a tsunami of changes in the information age and the fastest rate of change every aspect of social life and business. A few observations: iPADs are now...

Business Applications for Virtual and Mixed Reality

Virtual and Mixed Reality technologies are stirring up quite a bit of excitement these days. Many investment firms and analysts say that Virtual Reality is the next big tech revolution after mobile, and predictions...
Rami Sass | CEO | WhiteSource - Insights Success

How to Implement Long Term Open Source Security into Your ALM

In 2017, applications are simply how work gets done. They form the structures through which your employees collaborate, and are the face of your company to the world. We depend on our developers to keep...

Devops Forecast

DevOps Forecast - Insights Success

What Future Holds for DevOps

With the implementation of modern DevOps practices, it’s important for IT companies to not to get left behind. In the year of 2016, DevOps was all about security, enhancements, and containerization. However, like every...

Industry Insider

DevOps - Bridging the Gap between Dev and Ops - Insights Success

DevOps – Bridging the Gap between Dev and Ops

For centuries, humans have had a propensity to pit two or more teams with distinctive functionalities against each other – even when they are on the same team. This dynamic can be witnessed even...