Cover Story

Jonathan Bernwieser, Co-founder & CEO of Agrando GmbH

Agrando: Digitizing Agricultural Trade and Helping Family-run Farm Businesses Make Meaningful Business Decisions

In the world of digitalization, it is essential to have facilities for making online trade for every field, and this truth applies to the agriculture […]

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Taranjeet Singh Bhamra, CEO & Founder of AgNext Technologies
AgNext Technologies: Bringing Trust, Speed, and Transparency in Agriculture Value Chain

Undeniably, the quality of the food is the single most value multiplier across the food value chains. However, when it comes to assessing the quality […]

Bernardo Fabiani, CEO & Co-founder of TerraMagna
TerraMagna: On a Path to Revolutionizing Agro-Credit

The agriculture industry has revolutionized over the past few decades by leveraging innovative technologies. However, agriculture still struggles with the credit culture. Often, news of […]

Naveen Sikka, Founder & CEO of Terviva
Terviva: Helping Farmers Feed the World’s Rising Population While Taking Care of the Planet

Modern agriculture systems contribute to deforestation and a significant share of greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change. Today, every person involved in the food […]

Jose Damico & Renato Ferraz, founders of SciCrop
SciCrop: Helping Companies to Solve Impossible Problems in Agribusiness through Data Science and Analytics

Today, data is revolutionizing every industry. When it comes to the agriculture industry, many existing challenges can be resolved by leveraging data science. It was […]