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Akash Agarwal | Co-founder | Sahaj Software Solutions | Insights Success

Sahaj Software Solutions: Building Simple, People-Oriented Solutions

Sahaj Software Solutions is a premium software consulting and development company which believes in simplifying complexity. It reeks of brilliance in whatever it does. Sahaj’s culture has redefined […]

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Key Trends that are Driving Transformation in SaaS

SaaS or Software as a Service is a current phenomenon in the world of technology nowadays. It is an on-demand, cloud-based delivery model for software applications. Over […]

The Emerging Cloud Security Solutions and Challenges Ahead

In the world of cloud computing, the companies are facing new security challenges every year. The essential principles of the security are secure access, credentials, […]

Graham Church | Founder | CodeFirst | Insights Success
CodeFirst: An Innovative Software Development Enterprise

Software systems facilitate the automation of business processes across the world, and in virtually every industry. Their widespread appeal stems from the inherent ability of […]

Slavik Lavryk | CEO | DevCom | Insights Success
DevCom: Delivering Distinctive Software Solutions Globally

Software has been known to be disrupting the ways we interact with devices. Be it an AI-powered smartphone or an office Xerox machine, without software, every device would […]

Yaniv Iny | CEO | PractiTest | Insights Success
PractiTest: Transforming Test Management Tool to the Next Level

In today’s technology world, companies are dedicatedly working on developing and testing software which provides the entire spectrum of functions and services in the traditional software delivery lifecycle. […]

Mia Horrigan | CEO | Zen Ex Machina | Insights Success
Zen Ex Machina: Leading Large Organizations with Business Agility

Zen Ex Machina (ZXM) is a professional management consulting company that specializes in digital transformation, Agile coaching, and personnel training across government and commercial entities. ZXM helps the government and […]