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We have tested and optimized our software on hundreds of 3D printers so that users will have exceptional results right out-of-the-box!

Cover Page - The 10 Most innovative 3D Printing Solution Providers - Insights Success

Simplify3D: Leading Universal Software Makes 3D Printing Easy

The popularity of 3D printers has expanded extraordinarily in the past couple of years. Machine reliability has increased dramatically, and new materials for printing are being introduced each day, with printers now being capable of delivering one-off prints in everything from plastic to metal. Some forward-thinking research groups have even begun working on creating 3D printed chocolate structures and human tissue. Today’s desktop printers are significantly closer to the quality and features of industrial………………
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The 10 Most innovative 3D Printing Solution Providers 2017

Jonathan Schroeder | President | 3D PlatForm - Insights Success

3D Platform: A Leading and Trusted Manufacturer of 3D Printers

Imagine printing a new plate when a small kid in the house drops your favorite dish. Envision a gift printed with your own hands for your friends and family members’ birthday. Visualize printing your...
Rene Gurka | CEO & Co- Founder | BigRep - Insights Success

BigRep: A Newfangled Startup Printing the Future of Tomorrow

In 1909, the master of efficiency and standardization, Henry Ford popularly said, “any customer can have a car painted any color so long as it is black.” The machines were introduced in the First...
Pascal Behr | Co-Founder & CEO | Cytosurge AG - Insights Success

Cytosurge AG: Redefining Scientific Measurements and Robotic Systems

In this changing digital era of the 21st century, every day is a day for innovation. Technology is fast evolving and renovating new terms in the world of improvement. While talking about the industry...
Markus Ulrich | CEO & Founder | Genius Printers - Insights Success

Genius Printers – Facilitating the Revolution of 3D Printing with its Future Solutions

The era of 3D printing has arrived and it is here to stay. From producing artificial prosthetics to the creation of human-like kidneys – the variation and advancements of this technology is growing meteorically,...
Florian Bautz | Managing Director | German RepRap - Insights Success

German RepRap: Building World’s 1st Open Platform 3D Printers

Today, almost every organization understands the opportunities of 3D Printing and the advantages for their business. Likewise, the declining costs for hardware and consumables have enabled small and medium-sized businesses to utilize all benefits...
Dennon Oosterman | CEO | ReDeTec - Insights Success

ReDeTech: Offering Integrated Recycling Technology for 3D Printing

In the past few years, 3D printing has matured beyond its initial hype cycle. While there isn’t going to be a 3D printer in every home any time soon, 3D printing has started to...

CXO Standpoint

Jakob Kesje | Founder | IVISYS - Insights Success

In an Ever Faster Changing World Extreme Configurability is the Answer

The “scalable software business” is enabling the rapid growth of many of the current day disrupting companies, such as Uber and Airbnb. This should be a source of inspiration also for those of us...
Hardik Parekh | Founder & CEO | Searce - Insights Success

Make the Change Or Become the Change

On landing at the Bengaluru airport last week, I ferried my backpack to the shared cab stand on a pleasant 18 degree Celsius morning, and waited for Uber. In a few minutes a cheerful...

3D Gestalt

Decoding the Past, Present and Future of 3D Printing- Insights Success

Decoding the Past, Present and Future of 3D Printing

“The great growling engine of change – Technology.” Imagine the ability to print a car of your choice, customizing its looks according to your will and boasting about your possession among your friend circle....

Trends to Watch

Trends that will Shape the Future of 3D Printing- Insights Success

Trends that will Shape the Future of 3D Printing

Now a days, the tech world is mostly focusing on AI, big data, machine learning, and how all these will affect our daily lives later on. However, developing with the same pace, but with...