Influential Women

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Jacqueline Best

Jacqueline Best: Instilling Rectitude in the Music Industry

When pneumonia seemed to ruin the signing ability of Jacqueline Best, which was her favorite activity to do, she thought to herself, “If I can […]

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Danay Escanaverino
Danay Escanaverino: Delivering Quality Leads and Sales Worldwide

After spending several years in the startup scene, Danay Escanaverino’s entrepreneurial ambition became too powerful to turn a blind eye. She eventually started her business […]

Hilary Matson
Hilary Matson: Making Sustainable Travel More Accessible

Often people love to travel to different cities worldwide and experience scenic and cultural beauty. Traveling is an excellent medium for exploring different places and […]

Sunandini Verma
Sunandini Verma: A Paradigm of an Adaptive Leader

Fueled by passion for her work, Sunandini Verma embarked on her entrepreneurial drive and founded Amrev Media Inc, to create impactful growth. “Leadership is about […]

Suzie Yorke
Suzie Yorke: Reintroducing Good Fats into People’s Diets

Physical fitness is foundational to mental toughness and intellectual sharpness. Good health is the basis of life expectancy and performance in every aspect. To the […]

Hacia Atherton | Empowering Women
Hacia Atherton: Empowering Women, Thriving Excellence

With a strong passion for addressing the skill shortage within trade-based industries and the financial hardship many women face, Hacia Atherton established Empowered Women In Trades (EWIT). […]