The 10 Most Influential Women Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2022, February2022

Cover Story

Genesis Hey Krick | Founder CEO | Dream | Ignite | Build Inc

Genesis Hey Krick: Transforming Your life Through Mindset Shifts and Productivity Processes

Stress has become a pervasive part of the modern work culture, surrounding business leaders with ruthless competition and several responsibilities which can cause long-term health […]

Project Listings

Farah Emara | Co-Founder & CEO | FreshSource Global
Farah Emara: Shifting the Norms of Agriculture Industry

The entrepreneurial zeal combined with a transformative idea holds the potential to bring the desired change in any industry. Ideas that bridge the gap between […]

Hayley Bohan | Founder & Strategic Marketer | Marketing On Purpose
Hayley Bohan: Elevating YOUR Brand to the Next Level

“A world where people pursue their dreams is a better world” is what Hayley Bohan believes as she paves a path towards her dreams, helping […]

Laurel Farrer | Founder and CEO | Distribute
Laurel Farrer: Paving a Solid Foundation of Remote Work Culture

The quote goes, “The tree that bears fruits gets the most stones thrown at it,” which precisely resembles Laurel Farrer’s 15 years of efforts when […]

Parisa Fowles-Pazdro | CEO & Creative Director | maxbone
Parisa Fowles-Pazdro: Shifting Ways to Humanize Pet Experience

The path to success is always windy, and anyone who asserts otherwise is lying. Akin to a hurdled start and a steady rise, Parisa Fowles-Pazdro’s […]