The 10 Most Influential leaders in Business

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Ameya Talwalkar & Shreyans Mehta | Founders | Cequence Security

Making Cequence Security Synonymous with Application Security

Ameya Talwalkar and Shreyans Mehta are the founders of Cequence Security. They have built a disruptive application security platform, which provides detection and defense of automated […]

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Perry M. Anderson | CEO & Managing Director | Quadra Global Capital Corp.
Perry M. Anderson: A Global Investor Who Encourages Poverty Alleviation Through Mergers & Acquisitions

In an interview with Insights Success, the CEO & Managing Director, of Quadra Global Capital Corp., Perry M. Anderson, sheds light on his company’s strategies which makes control […]

Raymond J. Pasquale | Founder & CEO | Unified Office
Raymond J. Pasquale: Reinventing Business Communications

It takes strong leadership skills to lead an organization and to disrupt and reinvent an entire market. A leader tries hard to transform potential opportunities into attainable and sustainable success. […]