Leaders in Healthcare

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InfoMC & JJ Farook

InfoMC & JJ Farook: Driving the Future of Value-Based Care

As the healthcare industry shifts toward value-based care, organizations are transitioning from their traditional fee-for-service models to a world in which they are incentivized to […]

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Carsten Mahrenholz
Carsten Mahrenholz: A Curious, Enthusiastic, and Resilient Leader

A leader is visionary, inspiring, and able to transform markets, changing the lives of millions of people for the better. These aspects, combined with high […]

Dan Prince
Dan Prince: Contributing to a Better Patient Experience with Improved Research and Technology

Simplicity over perfection, people over processes, and communication over documentation,” such is the belief of Dan Prince, the Founder, and CEO of illumisoft. He is […]

Nicole Martin
Nicole Martin: Taking the Team Forward with Dedicated Efforts

Do you know a leader who manages an HR department that delivers a great return on investments to generate award-winning and highperformance talent strategies to […]