The 10 Most Impactful Leaders in Healthcare 2020

Cover Story

Jawad Shaikh | Executive Director | Avelead

Jawad Shaikh: Integrating Innovation to Boost Healthcare

Though every sector needs disruption, not all are bound to get one. It requires more than just a vision but an innovative ideology capable enough to make a […]

Project Listings

Neil Verdal-Austin | CEO | SomnoMed
Neil Verdal-Austin: Redefining the Benchmarks in the Healthcare Sector

Meet Neil Verdal-Austin, the Chief Executive Officer of SomnoMed, whose has impeccably contributed in the evolution of healthcare sector. His innovative ideas and unique leadership […]

Dr. Sean Hall | CEO | Medlab Clinical Ltd.
Dr. Sean Hall: Providing Quality Innovations in Health Care Industry

Research and development in the healthcare industry are vital. Yesterday we saw the impact of the “opioid crisis”, today we are at war with a […]