Cover Story

Lisa Ladds Doche, Financial Advisor & MD of The Doche Financial Consulting Group of Baird

Lisa Ladds Doche: Committed to Providing a High Level of Professionalism and Personal Service to Investors

It doesn’t come as any surprise that the financial markets have undergone rapid evolution given the advancements and innovations in various sectors, wealth management being […]

Project Listings

Jenifer Sapel, CEO & President of Utor Wealth
Jenifer Sapel: Helping People Make Healthier Decisions Around Money

Our financial system is complex, but our personal financial lives don’t have to be. By focusing on systems and strategies instead of products, anyone can […]

Jo Eccles, Founder & MD of Eccord
Jo Eccles: Creating a Wave of Growth in the Property Management Industry

The rise of female entrepreneurs in the last decade has grown exponentially. It takes sheer will and an intricate understanding of the industry one works […]

Margaux Fiori, Founder & CEO of Fiori Financial Group
Margaux Fiori: An Empowering Leader and an Astute Financial Advisor

From taking care of families to taking care of organizations, women have taken huge strides in breaking through the glass ceiling in many industries. Many […]

Liz Miller: Simplifying the Financial Lives of People

Having an enriching experience of 30+ years in the finance industry, Liz Miller, CFP®, CFA, is the epitome of visionary leadership. Liz serves as the […]