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LaTasha Rowe: Champion of Affordable Housing

Traditionally, the mortgage business has been surrounded by men, but the face of the industry has been changing. Women, who tend to bring a different […]

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Amy Buynoski: A Leader Who Weaves Her Team and Clients with Familial Environment

Imagine walking into a bank where you feel at home, your work process is carried out seamlessly, and you feel like an essential aspect of […]

Marguerita Cheng
Technologies that are Disrupting the Future of the Wealth Industry

Technology has been disrupting every industry, and the wealth management industry is no exception. According to Rich Topia, there are 11 technologies and innovations disrupting […]

Sarah Sloane | Founder | Mint Mortgage
Sarah Sloane: Levity creates balance, comfort, and connection

What if I told you that this will feel like a ‘meeting Morpheus’ moment for the mortgage brokering business? More oomph than you expected right […]

Galinda Fleming | Sr. Loan Specialist | MIDFLORIDA Credit Union
Galinda Fleming: Unmatched Efforts and Integrity in Mortgage Industry

A change from within can help one transform their life to become unstoppable in their field; that is exactly what resembles Galinda Fleming. She is […]