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Jessica Ollenburg | Managing Partner | Ollenburg LLC

Jessica Ollenburg: Empowering Others to Step Up

Empowerment consists of leading others to the keys to success, ensuring they understand choices and outcomes of choices, building their confidence in their own abilities […]

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Maria Fardis: Evolving with Wisdom and Passion

I find it helpful to take a minute of peace each day to consider, ‘Did we take a step closer to our goal today? If not, how to […]

Yulia Rorstrom | Founder & CEO | Duck & Dry
Yulia Rorstrom: A Calm and Stylish Business Leader

Chic, fun & fast with a prosecco bar and private events lounge, Duck & Dry is one such world where the traditional rules of hairdressing […]

Lisa Quest: An Expert in Anti-money Laundering & Combatting Terrorist financing

A key role of Co-head of Economic Crime and Partner at Oliver Wyman– Lisa Quest is acting as a subject matter between government and financial […]

Nicola Whiting | CSO | Titania Group (1)
Nicola Whiting: The Unsung Cyber Security Leader

Managing network security can be complex and time-consuming, especially when dealing with the monumentally large systems that often face responsibility for the safety of critical […]

Building a Spectacular Culture

Women comprise a significant role in the business, and their contribution in every sector is essential for its overall development. Being a businesswoman leader, many […]