Cover Story

Jennylyn Pringle

Jennylyn Pringle: Inspiring You to Embrace Your Creativity

If you let them, challenges will always hold you back. Jennylyn Pringle, on the other hand, did not. Her entrepreneurial career began with her final […]

Project Listings

Ellen Wakelam
Ellen Wakelam: Crafting Excellence with Distilled Gin

The phrase goes, “You may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you are somebody’s double shot of gin.” Shifting her career from teacher to […]

Emma Parkinson
Emma Parkinson: Committed to Deliver Cutting-Edge Services in Renewable Energy and Petrochemical Industries

“Tough times never last, tough people do,” and Emma Parkinson is an empowering woman who is one of the most formidable leaders to walk on […]

Grace Kusta Nasralla
Grace Kusta Nasralla: Making Office Spaces Work for Businesses

Days are gone when employees used to sit in dull and drab cubicle spaces and respond to emails. Businesses have started realizing that inspiring surroundings […]

Juliet Roulhac
Juliet Roulha: Bringing passion, Purpose and Expertise to the Table

Passion is the fuel that took many leaders to great heights. Juliet Roulhac’ s journey is a striking example of this sentiment. With 25 years […]