Cover Story

Rachel Lemos | Director Corporate Procurement | Canadian Western Bank.

Rachel Lemos: Leading Intentionally and Leaving an Exceptional Legacy.

Impactful leadership is one that is able not only to make long-lasting contributions to the organization, but ultimately to its people. A strategic leader must […]

Project Listings

Adele Spraggon
Adele Spraggon: Helping People Reach Unprecedented Levels of Success.

Are you intrigued by a good success story? Inspired by a “rags to riches” narrative in which the entrepreneur overcomes the odds and makes it […]

Amy Martinez Senior Attorney RMO LLP.
Amy Martinez: A Committed and Trusted Senior Attorney

Seniors and those with diminished capacity are always at an elevated risk of falling victim to financial abuse. The problem has been heightened during the […]

Christianne Kerns Managing Partner Hahn & Hahn LLP.
Christianne Kerns: Ensuring Excellent Legal Service to Clients.

The unprecedented time of pandemic has certainly been challenging for everyone. Most people have experienced things in the past year that we never anticipated. The […]

Donna Loughlin Founder & President LMGPR
Donna Loughlin: Delivering Results that Drive Leadership, Momentum and Growth

The importance of news industry has everlasting impact on the lives of people. This medium has the power to make a tangible impact on larger […]

Jennifer Cisneros | Vice President of Marketing | BioMicrobics, Inc.
Jennifer Cisneros: Promoting a Culture of Water Innovation

Effective leaders see their daily activities as opportunities to grow in their personal and professional life. On a larger scale, effective leaders see agency-wide projects […]

Nina Marino Kaplan Marino.
Nina Marino: A Proficient White-Collar Defense Attorney

Being a white-collar defense attorney is a weighty responsibility because someone’s future is dependent on your strategy and ability to execute. A lawyer ’s work […]

Summer Kim-Davis Founder IKON Mortgage, Inc.
Summer Kim-Davis: Helping People Achieve their Dreams as Homeowners

Women don’t have to be like men to achieve gender equality. All we have to do is embrace our own femininity and grace, by doing […]

Taiwing Tian Co-founder Switching-Time
Taiwing Tian: Leading to Bring Impact Around Her

A truly impactful leadership has dual focus where it moves a team towards the goal while also nurturing their individual growth. It’s an impressive act. […]

Twanieka Alcindor Manager & Consultant Alcindor Law
Twanieka Alcindor: Providing Expert Advocacy in Legal Matters

Legal actions can sometimes be overwhelming for many. Having expert, empathetic, professional, and relatable legal consultant to assist one in the legal proceedings is the […]