Cover Story

Nita White-Ivy, CHRO at BlackBerry

Nita White-Ivy: A Proficient HR Leader Driving Organization’s Success

A company’s greatest strength is its people whose efforts drive its success. The biggest challenge is to appoint the right people for the job and […]

Project Listings

Erica Smith | Vice President of Business Operations | Global Learning Systems
Erica Smith: Out with The Old, In with The New

Change is constant, and the leaders who adapt to the changes quickly can thoroughly transform their work with a unique vision. They constantly decipher the […]

Leigh Dow | Vice President of Global Marketing | Identiv
Leigh Dow: Bringing Transformational Marketing to the Security Arena

Any industry is as strong as the people in it. The leaders in the industry strengthen the position of their companies by delivering transformative solutions. […]

Susie Jones | Co-founder & CEO | Cynch Security
Susie Jones: Giving It All to Make Micro-Enterprises ‘Cyber Fit’

It is challenging in today’s world for an entrepreneur to start their business. Many individuals put their life’s effort into establishing their venture following their […]

Jenny Johanson | Senior Advisor | RSM
Jenny Johanson: Adapting Changes to Deliver Assured Solutions

In recent years, the landscape of the cybersecurity industry has changed with innovative technology-driven solutions. Numerous of these technologies seek their way offering enhanced work […]