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Mapping the Framework for Healthcare

For years, women leaders in healthcare have aimed to provide high-quality care and exceptional patient experiences in every reciprocal action. However, to achieve this aim […]

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Alyeah E. Ramjit: Changing the Landscape of Healthcare Industry with Transformational Expertise

In recent years, the healthcare industry has transformed I into a disruptive pattern. Technological advancements achieved in this field have helped millions of healthcare experts […]

Denise Juliano & Myla Maloney: The Dynamic Duo Delivering Strategic Solutions in Healthcare

Women comprise the majority of the healthcare industry. Their tremendous decision-making abilities make them vital, and women leaders are a linchpin in the healthcare industry. […]

Julie Walker: Using Growth Strategies to Effectively Transform Healthcare Operations

To state that COVID-19 hit the health care industry hard is an understatement. Over the past 18 months, healthcare organizations have struggled to provide care […]

Norina Alinta Gavan: Improving the Quality of Lives of Diabetic Patients

Like every other industry, women have made their marks of excellence in the healthcare industry as well. With their positive outlook, determination, and compassionate approach, […]

Tito Ovia: Accelerating Africa’s Transition to a Technology and Data-driven Healthcare Sector

Advancements in technology have changed the face of the healthcare industry. It is evident that technological solutions in healthcare have presented numerous opportunities for improving […]

Lauretta Hamza
Transforming Healthcare in Africa: Efforts Needed By Today’s Business Leaders

The pandemic unveiled deeper challenges facing Africa’s healthcare system. Stakeholders, decision-makers, and the elite in various regions were not left out of being stung by […]