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Katherine McLane:  A Visionary Leader in Business and Public Affairs

Like medicine, public relations has many different fields: entertainment, food and travel, to name a few. Public affairs is that special discipline of public relations […]

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Antonietta Roy: Offering Tailored Services on Your Construction Project

There are several challenging hurdles in the business world; however, these challenges tend to become fourfold when you are a woman in business. Seeking solutions […]

Nikia Londy: Filling in the Confidence to Step Out in Style

Confidence speaks through multiple elements of one’s body language. From hair, eyes, smile, looks, and much more confidence can exert from one. However, this confidence […]

Torre Capistran of Hooked On Code: Smashing The Norms by Instilling Simplicity at The Core

The principle of KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) is not a common one to find in the web development space, where it seems everything has […]