Cover Story

Dr. Roland Heintze | Managing Partner | Faktenkontor

Faktenkontor GmbH: Leading Clients towards Zeniths through Fact-Driven PR Strategies

Has it ever occurred to you how the world’s most renowned brands became so? How were they discovered by people in the first place, before […]

Project Listings

Heidi Ruggier | President | Matte PR
Matte PR: Elevating Clients with Impactful PR

Brand building is an essential practice for a business to have great goodwill and expand the business further. In today’s world, digital media plays a […]

Kirsty Leighton | CEO | Milk & Honey PR
Milk & Honey PR: Disrupting the PR Space with a Customer-centric Approach

“Publicity is absolutely critical. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front-page ad.” British business magnate Richard Branson, the founder of the […]

Brigitte Foisy | President | The PR Department Inc.
The PR Department Inc.: Empowering Companies through A Commitment to Excellence

A company needs to build strong relations with its customers and other audiences in today’s age and time. This helps them to make a mark […]