Cover Story

Andy Hsu, Founder & CEO of NEO Semiconductor

NEO Semiconductor: The Next Leap in Semiconductor Revolution

As a business leader, one might scoff at the thought of inspiration in leadership. Some business leaders may dismiss the vision as over-the-top, and perhaps […]

Project Listings

Fumihide Esaka, Chairman & CEO of Ambiq
Ambiq: Endpoint Intelligence

To unlock the full potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices, it is essential to find energy-efficient semiconductors that can assist the magnitude of […]

Maxim Ershov, CEO of Diakopto
Diakopto: Game-changing EDA Solutions

While the semiconductor industry has been facing the chip-shortage for about a year now, one major issue that has been lurking in the shadows for […]

Efinix: Providing High Performance and Reconfigurable FPGAs for Meeting Computing Demands of Mainstream Applications 

The recent semiconductor chip shortage has got several industries in shambles. Companies are facing delays to deliver their products according to their timeline. However, several […]

Pete Hutton, Executive Chairman of Agile Analog
Agile Analog: Analog IP the way you want it.

Until now, buyers of analog IP have had to settle for the least bad option from a limited portfolio of standard IP products. Agile Analog […]

Ray Chen, Founder of Omega Optics
Omega Optics: Connecting the World

With actively being involved in the optical communications/sensing field, Omega Optics has developed an array of products by conducting various research and developments to gain […]