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Collinson: Enabling Clients to Deliver Smarter and Improved Customer Experiences

In an interview with Insights Success, the Joint CEO of Collinson, David Evans, shares important insights showcasing the valuable contribution of the organization and its journey in delivering loyalty solutions and travel […]

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ECO Friendly Environment | Going Green [ Insights Success ]
Business Operations Leading to an Eco-friendly Environment

The world is emerging with the acute development in the Industrialization and the businesses, thereby making an outlandish move towards the environment. But currently, the […]

Engineer Happiness. Surge Productivity, Extend Retention | Insights Success
Engineer Happiness. Surge Productivity, Extend Retention

Professions are an integral part of human life which is even seen as a medium to fulfill countless aspirations. A job does not only give […]

Ian Goldman | CEO | Celerant Technology | Insights Success
Celerant Technology: Enabling Retailers to Manage Entire Business Efficiently

Today all retailers seek to manage all aspects of their business from a single platform to improve effectiveness and efficiency. With humble beginnings, Celerant Technology was built from scratch to help […]

Phillip Stofberg, Founder & CEO, EPI-USE Labs | Business Magazine | Insights Success
EPI-USE Labs: Improving Performance by Leveraging SAP Systems

SAP® systems contain highly sensitive information, from CEO’s salary to pricing and rebate information. Ensuring this business data is managed securely is of utmost importance. EPI-USE Labs is a […]

Carlos Nogueira | General Manager | InterSystems | Business Magazine | Insights Success
InterSystems: Seamless Solutions for Connectable Applications

In an interview with Insights Success, General Manager of InterSystems IRIS Data Platform, Carlos Nogueira, shares valuable information of InterSystems and its noteworthy contribution in healthcare, business and government sectors. Everything InterSystems builds […]

Ian Crouch | Founder & CEO | Reveal Group | Business Magazine | Insights Success
Reveal Group: Unveiling Business Potential through Unrivaled Robotic Process Automation

The pace at which the workforce and work processes are transforming today is unprecedented. Organizations that recognize the potential of this change – and learn how to wield its […]

Krishnan Raman | Co-founder & CEO | Flutura | Insights Success
Flutura: Improving Two Core Business Objectives of “Asset Uptime” and “Operational Efficiency”

The dominating evolution of Artificial Intelligence has spurred a heated debate globally. As science fiction starts to become reality, AI products are slowly entering the regular household and workplaces. With the […]

Lane Nelson | CEO | HarrisData | Insights Success
HarrisData: Delivering Adept Solutions for Business Management

Advancement in technology has augmented every sector where becoming a fast growing company means having an improved management system. Enterprises are now facing challenges with the traditional methods of maintaining day to […]