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GameIQ utilizes the power of variable rewards to engage customers more effectively while protecting merchants’ margins and allowing them to control their own promotional needs.

Cover Page | The 10 Most Creative Gamification Solution Providers 2018 [ Insights Success ]

GameIQ: A Fun, Innovative, and Powerful Way to Engage Consumers

The world of advertising is undergoing radical change. With the advent of the Internet, smartphones and various social media platforms, people’s interaction with media has changed drastically. Searching for new models, advertisers are now paying per click for online campaigns without a guarantee of conversions, while consumers are becoming more demanding. What businesses require is a way to engage customers through independent, reliable entertainment platforms that make an impact and produce effective results………
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The 10 Most Creative Gamification Solution Providers 2018

Iman Foroutan | Founder & CEO | Contest Factory [ Insights Success ]

Contest Factory: An Innovative Gamification Platform Transforming Customer Engagement and Satisfaction

With the advent of the internet, many pre-existing notions of business-customer relationships and interactions have gone out the window. Traditional advertising channels such as TV and newspapers are facing a decline, and consumers are...
Diana Neves de Carvalho | CEO | Exago [ Insights Success ]

Exago: Solving Key Business Challenges with Collaborative Innovation

Since the inception of the business world, a few words have been consistently echoed over and over. These never-changing words are efficiency and productivity. But, how can businesses achieve the ideal state of productivity...
Ricardo Lopes Costa | Prisident & CTO | Funifier Inc. [ Insights Success ]

Funifier: Drive Business and Engagement with Funifier – while having FUN!

The primary purpose of Gamification is to boost user engagement amongst employees and customers alike. For employees, a gamified user engagement increases productivity and a sense of excellence among this set of users. With clients, gamification increases sales, loyalty, and retention. Funifier’s gamification...
George Antoniadis | Co-Founder | Nikos Skarpetis | Co-founder | Icon Platforms [ Insights Success ]

Icon Platforms: Building Loyalty with Robust Engagement and Innovation

Loyalty is a revered quality in human beings. Loyalty requires walking down the difficult path of honesty and integrity. Additionally, loyalty requires a commitment to perseverance. No matter how difficult the going gets, loyalty requires one to treat commitments as sacrosanct and remember...
David Cox | Founder & CEO | Motivforce Marketing [ Insights Success ]

Motivforce : Re-engineering Loyalty To Maximize Sales, Productivity and Learning

Growing a business is a lot of hard work. Generating that consumer base where marketing strategies and word of mouth really kick in can take a lot of time and energy. However creating programs...
Jordan Fladell | Founder & CEO | m Level [ Insights Success ]

mLevel: A Simple, Enriching and Universal Gamified Learning Experience

Training module development poses a daunting challenge for many organizations. Learning and teaching require patience, curiosity, dedication and passion. These qualities are rare to find and just as difficult to replace in the long...

An Expert Viewpoint

Derek Lundsten | CEO | Scrimmage [ Insights Success ]

Making Disruption A Business Strategy

What do many of today's leading technology companies have in common?  They are constantly innovating, and in many cases, disrupting their markets.  In fact, I attended a forum of business leaders and successful entrepreneurs...
Andreea Vaduva | Community Manager | Black The Fall - Insights Success

How VR Gaming Will Help Introverts To Socialize

With the rise of VR adoption and the involvement of the gaming industry in developing content for VR, the topic of social impact takes the stage again: is VR ruining, improving or ignoring our...
Himanshu Arora | Co-founder | Social Panga - Insights Success

Entertainment and Media – Embracing Digital

Television and Newspapers have been the primary source of content consumption for viewers and a primary marketing and advertising channel for organizations because of their unmatched ability to reach out to large audiences. The...

Future of Gamification

Future of Gamification - Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and eSports - Insights Success

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and eSports: The Buzzwords of Gaming Industry where the Future...

The gaming industry has evolved to a great extent over a period of time. It has pushed the envelope and adopted cutting edge technologies that later became mainstream technologies like streaming online content, 1080p...

Cloud Gaming

Cloud Gaming - Gaming over the Cloud - Insights Success

Gaming over the Cloud – The New Realm of this Era

Games have been known to push consumer computing platforms to their maximum capacity. In traditional systems such as desktop computers, it is often expected and accepted that Gaming software will push a system to...

Performance Booster

Application Community - Insights Success

Application Performance is Critical for Larger Application Continuity

“If an end user perceives bad performance from your website, her next click will likely be on”- Ian Molyneux There are more than 1 billion smartphone users across the globe. More than 179 billion...