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At Socialbakers we listen closely to our customers and we have evolved our product offering to answer the challenges they face.

Cover Page | The 10 Most Booming SaaS Solution Providers 2018 [ Insights Success ]

Socialbakers: The ‘One And All’ SaaS Solution Provider to all Digital Marketing Queries

Any business is tricky while digital marketing is the most challenging part of it. Due to vast developments in the technology, staying ahead of the changing trends and the market demands have become the common goal of any entrepreneur. Technology has been playing a great role in every aspect of human life while the businessmen all around the globe have embraced it wholeheartedly. Digital marketing had taken a big hit when it was incorporated with AI. Many digital marketing………
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The 10 Most Booming SaaS Solution Providers 2018

Layak Singh | Founder | Artivatic Data Labs Pvt Ltd [ Insights Success ]

Artivatic: Integrating Technology to build Intelligent Applications and Solutions

Artivatic is an end-to-end AI infrastructure platform built on deep-tech, machine learning technologies with an in-depth analogy of genomic science, psychology and neuroscience. This helps large enterprises, start-ups and developers to build and integrate...
Aaron Harker | Founder | CanQualify [ Insights Success ]

CanQualify: Leading SaaS Provider of Supply Chain Management

SaaS applications are revolutionizing the business environment. They offer many advantages such as low upfront costs, anytime, anywhere access, and automatic updates and upgrades. The SaaS market is seeing major growth in all areas....
Rami Sass | Co-founder & CEO | WhiteSource [ Insights Success ]

WhiteSource – Creating New Business Avenues with Open Source Components

As businesses continue to evolve and digitize their offerings, companies are moving towards cloud systems in large numbers. Thanks to SaaS technology, there has been a profound shift in the way that businesses are...

CXO Standpoint

Michael Grove | Founder & CEO | CollabWorks [ Insights Success ]

SaaS Software Platforms Will Empower the Workforce in the Digital Age

As entrepreneurial CEOs who fund our ventures or executives who grow into being CEOs of more mature companies, we produce annual budgets and financial plans. We estimate our future revenue and given available capital...
Seun Ajanwachuku | Founder & CEO | GVATE [ Insights Success ]

Is the Automation Really Helping Humans?

History of Automation Automation goes back many centuries to the time when the Greeks and Arab needed a way to keep track of time. One of the human first practical invention that mimics some form...

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Software: As open Source or as Convenient Service [ Insights Success ]

Software: As open Source or as Convenient Service

Technology is trying to overhaul the old school methodologies of business from a long time now. Technology has leaped a high jump in the past decade, providing humans with easy and fast ways of...

Into The Clouds’

Cloud Computing | the Technology for the Next Generation [ Insights Success ]

Cloud Computing – Revamping the Technology for the Next Generation

The Information Technology has become a prominent force in fueling the economic growth of the business world by spreading across the various sectors around the globe. Cloud Computing is one of the innovative platforms...

Revenue Tips

SAAS | Revenue Tips [ Insights Success ]

SaaS Can Create Business Developments with Different Revenue Streams

SaaS or ‘Software as a Service’ is being used rigorously in current business ventures as it provides more accuracy and vision to any business project. Interestingly, with this solution, the importance of installing the...