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At Zayo, our approach to sustainability focuses on all areas of the business to reduce waste and maximize our environmental efficiency

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zColo by Zayo: More than Space and Power

The industry is seeing an acceleration of data consumption, a continued move to cloud solutions and a growing adoption of the Internet of Things. Driven by bandwidth-intensive services and streaming, Internet traffic continues its dramatic growth trajectory; annual global IP traffic is forecast to reach 3.3 ZB per year by 2021, according to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index……..
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The 10 Most Admired Data Center Solution Providers

Tanja Lewis | CEO | Alternate E Source - Insights Success

Alternate E Source: Providing Indispensable Tech Solutions

A famous French proverb quotes “Trust not to God but upon good security”. Time changes and so with it the type of security a society needs. Be it any age, there will always be...
Ayotunde Coker | Managing Director | Rack Centre - Insights Success

Rack Centre: Africa’s Premium Data Centre

The data center industry continues to see explosive growth, driven by an increase in overall Internet traffic and businesses that are increasingly migrating towards internal IT systems to third party data center providers. Many...

AIMS: Redefining data centres in Malaysia & South-East Asia

The data centre as we have come to know it has changed. With bandwidth needs now driven by trends such as wearable technology and big data, organisations are viewing, building and planning their data...

CXO Standpoint

Gisle M Eckhoff | CEO | DigiPlex - Insights Success

What GDPR forgets: The Physical Security

The EU’s GDPR legislature will have consequences for every company doing business in Europe, including American companies. The new directive promises sizeable fines to anyone that does not take personal data seriously. Meanwhile, the...
Andrew Lindzon | President | Ashlin Technology Solutions Inc. - Insights Success

Cooling Solutions for Datacenters

Datacenters are facing new cooling challenges. The servers and storage today are more efficient, faster, and incredibly dense. You can pack more computing power and storage in a much smaller footprint.  Datacenter floorspace is...