The 10 Most Admired Companies to Watch, 2020

Cover Story

Connie Linder | Founder | Intengine

Intengine: A Sustainable Engine for Greater Good

Running a business while equally developing it towards contributing to the circular economy is not an easy task. It becomes essential to work with a [...]

Project Listings

Tim Fields | CEO | Kabam [ Business Magazine ]
Kabam: A Winning Streak in the Gaming Industry

Would you like to be an Avenger or a Transformer or a member of the Fast and Furious Family? We know whenever you watch these blockbusters the […]

Boatsetter: Sailing towards Global Success

We all wish to be a sailor or at least desire to have a worth cherishing a water-ful experience, cruising, active water sports, fishing, blue water sailing, and […]

EntrenaYA: Assisting in Accomplishing Fitness Goals

Physical exercise essential part of our lives. We all love to have a toned physic and a healthy lifestyle. Every one of us choose various activities to keep […]

Marc E. Rippen | President & Founder | Alertgy
Alertgy: Monitoring Blood Glucose in the Convenience of a Wrist Band

Diabetes is one of the most common chronic dieses that often leads to thousands of deaths each year around the globe. It occurs, when the pancreas does […]

Mario Aguilera | Founder & CEO | Tespack
Tespack: Delivering Innovative Smart Energy Solutions

Energy plays a crucial role in the global economy and will become the dominant economic issue of the coming decade. Most recently, to promote various […]

Robert O’Brien | Founder & CEO | MetaCompliance
MetaCompliance: Redefining the Benchmarks of Cyber Security and Compliance

Ever since the digitization, the implementation of upgraded technology and the race of being available digitally has spontaneously increased. Though businesses are more indulged in digital aspects, they are […]