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“We think beyond the way things are done and always envision how it can be done better.”

Cover Page - The 10 most Innovative EdTech Solution Providers 2018 - Insights Success

Special Learning: Improving the Lives of Millions

With a staggering 70 million people in the world — 3.5 million people in just the U.S. alone — struggling with autism, it is fair to say that there is no greater challenge facing schools today than the increasing number of students diagnosed with autism and other special needs. Parents are demanding more than just standard therapy, and are instead hoping for a solution to rescue their children from a lifetime of disability. In response, educators are developing new techniques and approaches to assist children with autism. Too often, good initiatives tend to succumb under a shortage of resources and financing. However, that grim picture might be ………..
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The 10 Most Innovative EdTech Solution Providers 2018

Aaron Fazulak | Co - Founder & CEO | DESIGNATION - Insights Success

DESIGNATION: Specialized Platform Empowering Aspiring Designers

One of the most exciting results of the proliferation of technology is the manner in which it is driving down the cost of education, thereby making skills acquisition more accessible. Driven by this trend,...
Luke Hickey | CEO | dominKnow inc. - Insights Success

domiKnow Inc.: Creating eLearning Software for Organizational Learning

Based in Canada's capital, Ottawa, dominKnow is a cloud-based eLearning authoring tool provider that believes you don’t just build learning content and forget about it. The organization feels strongly that it’s all about creating...
Erik Harrell | CEO | Kahoot! - Insights Success

Kahoot!: Redefining Learning With A Magical Touch of Technology

Some say there is a child residing in the heart of every adult who looks back at the past and wonders what happened. Although this may be a little exaggerated, there is an element...
Matt Buscher | Co - Founder & Principal | LaptopsAnytime - Insights Success

LaptopsAnytime: Leading the Way to Move beyond Desktops

Until most recently, the EdTech industry relied upon desktops to make up for its computer labs and circulation counters to manually hand out mobile devices. LaptopsAnytime brought forward a better alternative to this trend,...
Karen Dolva | Co - Founder & CEO | No Isolation - Insights Success

No Isolation: A Technological Hand to Reduce Social Isolation

Mark Zuckerberg once said that “It is not enough to have a purpose for yourself; you have to create sense of purpose for others.”  Some innovations are not merely a sparkle of change, rather...
Harry van der Veen | CEO & Co - Founder | NUITEQ - Insights Success

NUITEQ®: Creating a Renaissance in the Education System

In the recent years, the fast evolution of technology and the next-gen strategies have transformed the way students used to learn and educators used to teach. Due to this rapid growth, the EdTech sector...


Charlie Van Norman | Co - Founder | Mathbreakers - Insights Success

Leveraging the Potential of Gaming into Education

"Go outside!" "Read a book!" "Go to bed!" These were some of the common phrases from my childhood, because I had discovered video games, a portal into an amazing dimension where I could explore...

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Kirsi Ekberg | Founder | ViLiKe - Insights Success

Integrating Technology into the Educational Environment

Decoding the Future of Education We are in the verge of an exciting change within the field of learning and teaching. Rising acceptance of the usage of technology as a tool for educational purposes is...

Mentor Mind

Popular Technology Waiting to be Scaled - Insights Success

Popular Technology Waiting to be Scaled

The millennials are all born with a keen sense of technological acumen. At an age when baby boomers were being introduced to the concept of computers, millennials are well versed with the intricate workings...

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Efficacious People Constantly Chase the Impossible - Insights Success

Efficacious People Constantly Chase the Impossible

Successful entrepreneurs typically possess a growing mindset. Rather than trying to prove they are better than others, they emphasize on trying to improve themselves. Such leaders have faith in building strong, collaborative teams and...


Every First Thing in the Mobile Industry - Insights Success

Role of Innovative Leadership in Innovative Businesses

Innovation in business acts like fuel for the vehicle, business simply cannot run without it. Innovation and research done by scientists do not always depend on the requirements and expectations of consumers. They are...