Most Innovative Contact Center Solution Providers

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Scott Stavretis | CEO | Acquire BPO - Insights Success

Acquire BPO: Helping Clients Reach the Next Level

Acquire BPO was established as a captive environment by two entrepreneurs in response to the lack of offshoring providers. The company has since evolved into […]

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Is Unified Communications Worth the Effort?

-by Dave Casey, Regional Vice President, Peak Up Time Pick up any periodical; monitor any blog and you will hear tale of the power of […]

Novel Technologies that Simplify Enterprise Systems

The three big technologies impacting the enterprise in the near future are mobile, social, and cloud. These have all, of course, been around for a few years, but […]

What makes a company the best place to work for? - Insights Success
What makes a company the best place to work for?

Here are four words we don’t hear very often: “I love my job.” An extensive research in the area have now found that the most […]

Mohsin Memon | Founder | Memcrop Immersive Learning - Insights Success
Surfing Ahead of the Trend: How to spot an opportunity and grow

Today we live in a time which is unprecedented in human history. Technology evolves at the drop of a hat and as it does, changes […]

Uwe Kreuter | Founder & CEO | CCT - Insights Success
CCT: Omni-Channel Customer Interaction Solutions That Work

The world without mobile devices and internet is inconceivable, as the innovations have truly emerged as essential. A common individual spends at least two hours every day on […]

Craig Preston | President & Founder | EducationFolder - Insights Success
EducationFolder: Simplifying Processes to create Accountability and increase Adherence

In 2014, EducationFolder was founded on a simple principle: With the right tools, processes, and motivation, every team can achieve peak performance. That’s why EducationFolder is about more […]

Marlon Williams | Founder | Fenero - Insights Success
Fenero: Providing Innovative Cloud Based Software for Contact Centers for Years

Varying Contact Center systems can be a very frustrating affair for those who work in BPOs or in Contact Centers, mainly due to lack of features, functionality, and […]

John Zisis | Head of Customer Solutions | Stellar - Insights Success
Stellar:Employing Best-in-Breed Technology to Provide Human Centric Solutions

There are so many channels these days for customer services, and it’s hard to know which ones your brand should be active on. Today, global customers not only […]

Rob McDougall | President & CEO | Upstream Works - Insights Success
Upstream Works: Delivering Omnichannel CX

Organizations worldwide are in search of solutions that can attract and retain global clients in a highly competitive economic landscape. Customer Experience (CX) is the key differentiator, and […]

Matt Florell | Founder & CEO | VICIdial - Insights Success
VICIdial: An Open-Source Contact Center with Exceptional Reach

The contact center industry is one of the largest and most unique sectors of the modern age. It contributes especially significantly to the economies of developed and developing […]

Bill Dettering | Co - Founder & CEO | Zingtree - Insights Success
Zingtree: Architect of Incredible Decision-making Tools and Scripts that Saves Time and Money

Zingtree is a burgeoning startup that provides interactive decision trees to clients. Its powerful online toolkit allows anyone to create interactive decision trees that save both time and […]

Tech Bytes - How AI and Automation is Boosting the Call Center Solutions - Insights Success
How AI and Automation is Boosting the Call Center Solutions

When it comes to business success, the satisfaction of customers becomes a critical point. The more satisfied clients you have, the better returns your business […]