The 10 Innovative Companies Disrupting Sensor Technology

Cover Story

Simone Maraini | CEO | HZO

HZO: Protecting What Matters the Most

As technology evolves, products & devices – especially consumer electronics, get smaller, more complex, and more portable for their users. With this new mobility and […]

Project Listings

Mark Campito | CEO | Marktech Optoelectronics, Inc.
Marktech Optoelectronics, Inc.: R&D Trendsetters for Nearly 35 Years

Imagine an optoelectronic component or assembly that can be fully designed, manufactured, tested and optimized to your company’s exact specifications, projects large or small, in […]

Michael Sigourney | CEO & Founder | AVTECH Software, Inc.
AVTECH Software, Inc.: Keeping Temperature and Environment Under Control

Founded in 1988, AVTECH Software, Inc., originally focused on providing monitoring software for computers and supporting hardware network-wide. Thanks to the rapid growth of data […]