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“Lead, Inspire and Influence, don’t simply be a follower.”

Most Influential CMOs to Watch

Cinn Tan: Crafting Prolific Marketing Strategies

In an era marked by innovations and reformative individuals, sculpting an identity for oneself with chisels of creativity, determination and leadership, has been deemed essential. One such outstanding individual who has marked her evident presence and identity in the hospitality sector is Cinn Tan, the CMO of Pan Pacific Hotels Group.
Cinn oversees and drives the marketing and sales strategy of Pan Pacific Hotels Group……..
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CMO of the Month

Peter Neve: Breaking the Marketer Mold

Opportunities are as much a part of life as challenges; knowing how to recognize the first and hurdle the other lay the groundwork for success.
Peter Neve, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at ACG attributes his success………….
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The 10 Most Influential CMOs to Watch 2018

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