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“Lead, Inspire and Influence, don’t simply be a follower.”

Cinn Tan: Crafting Prolific Marketing Strategies

In an era marked by innovations and reformative individuals, sculpting an identity for oneself with chisels of creativity, determination and leadership, has been deemed essential. One such outstanding individual who has marked her evident presence and identity in the hospitality sector is Cinn Tan, the CMO of Pan Pacific Hotels Group.
Cinn oversees and drives the marketing and sales strategy of Pan Pacific Hotels Group……..
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CMO of the Month

Peter Neve: Breaking the Marketer Mold

Opportunities are as much a part of life as challenges; knowing how to recognize the first and hurdle the other lay the groundwork for success.
Peter Neve, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at ACG attributes his success……….
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The 10 Most Influential CMOs to Watch 2018

April Critchfield: Voyaging towards Marketing Zeniths

An efficient marketeer is what an organization needs to cater to the evidently widening outreach of contemporary marketing. A well-learned practitioner of modern marketing methodologies knows, sees and performs actions that throttle the analysis...

Barry Rabkin: A Passion for Problem Solving Products

In an interview with Insights Success, the CMO of Identified Technologies, Barry Rabkin shares the key insights powering his transformative results as the Chief Marketing Officer. Learn the innovative marketing strategies that this recognized...

Joanne Moretti: Exemplifying Proficiency and an Unfaltering Ambition

The discipline of marketing, in its essence has been a reformatory practice since its advent. The conception of an organization’s outreach in the global market is largely aided by an immaculate marketing approach. Whether...

Joelle Kaufman: Reforming the Art of Marketing

A prolific marketing strategy defines an organization’s approach towards its adopted business. The organization’s outreach to the intended audience is profoundly reliant on the proficiency of the marketeer’s vision and determination. Maintaining adequacy and...

Sharon Cook: An All-Rounder in Modern Marketing

With the advent of social media, the marketing industry has taken a whole different shape altogether. Marketing personnel have an additional benefit of showcasing their products and services on different platforms to create awareness...

Leadership Viewpoint

Ted Katagi | CEO | Kenja | Inspiring CEOs [ Insights Success ]

The Importance of Purpose

In addition to running Kenja as CEO, I have the fortune of teaching MBA students part time on Leadership, Marketing, and Strategy.  For my classes and as a CEO, I think the most important...
Dr. Kizzy Dominguez | Founder & President | K. Parks Consulting, Inc - Insights Success

Emerging Technologies: A Revolution with Challenges

By Kizzy M. Dominguez, President of K. Parks Consulting, Inc. (KPC) Emerging technologies continue to lead a revolution in the ways organizational training, education, and assessments are more effectively and efficiently conducted which has yielded...

Reforming Benchmarks

The Significance of an Effective Marketing Strategy

Marketing has been the real essence in the uplifting of any Organization in the long run. While there are a number of other parameters that foster a business, marketing certifies to be the base...