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Qumu helps many of the world’s largest companies to realize the value of putting video to work for their digital workforce.

Cover Page - The 10 Fastest Growing Unified Communication Solution Providers 2017 July 2017 - Insights Success

Qumu: Accelerating the Digital Workforce Revolution

Face to face business communication has become a thing of past. The availability of high breed communication technology to enterprises of all sizes is making it possible for businesses to effectively communicate with clients, employees, vendors and other stakeholders—regardless of where they are located. Mobile enterprise communication technologies are on the verge of yet another breakthrough, and that breakthrough is enterprise video. Unified Communication (UC) is essentially the merging of………………
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The 10 Fastest Growing Unified Communication Solution Providers 2017

Sanjeev Verma | Executive Director & CEO | AGC Networks - Insights Success

AGC Networks – Amplifying User Experience With Unified Communication Solutions

Unified Communication has come a long way since the formation of its idea of integrating a range of communication systems to optimize business processes. A growing number of companies have realized the potential of...
Bill Crank | President & CEO | Dialogic Corporation - Insights Success

Dialogic Corporation: Revolutionizing UC Solutions

Lending hand to 48 of the world’s top 50 mobile operators and nearly 3,000 application developers deploy on agile networks, Dialogic Corporation is a leading provider of cloud-optimized real-time multimedia processing solutions, customizable applications,...
Robert R. Patton ( Bobby ) | CEO | Patton Electronics - Insights Success

Patton Electronics: Connecting People by Overcoming Geographical Boundaries

For any business, seamless communication is the mantra of success. By integrating voice, email, messaging and conferencing tools, uified communications (UC) is the way to achieve this success. Patton Electronics offers a unique set...
Paul Hammond | CEO & President | VirtualPBX - Insights Success

VirtualPBX: Pioneers of Cloud Based Business Phone Systems

In the mid-1990’s, on-site PBX systems were provided by legacy copper-wire telephone providers that controlled a near-monopoly on business phone systems. The cost benefits of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) alone, which still can...
Toby Ruckert | Founder & CEO | Unified Inbox - Insights Success

Unified Inbox: Simply Communicate

“Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.” It’s Monday morning. You do not want to get out of bed. But the alarm on your mobile phone is ringing, and you’ve got things to do. So with those four...

CXO Standpoint

The Power of Converged Solutions

by Thomas Beck, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Teo Technologies For years experts and analysts have predicted, pushed, and prodded businesses to a future of unified communications.  Their claim was that in a world...

Is Unified Communications Worth the Effort?

-by Dave Casey, Regional Vice President, Peak Up Time Pick up any periodical; monitor any blog and you will hear tale of the power of Unified Communications and how organizations galore are basking in a...

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Reaping the Unparalleled Benefits of Unified Communications - Insights Success

Reaping the Unparalleled Benefits of Unified Communications

Over the past decade, there have been considerable advancements in the business communication arena. With an increasing number of global organizations, deeply intertwined supply chains, rising demand for e-commerce, pervasive mobility and booming social...


Unified Communications along with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Priority On The Technology Roadmap

As per the predictions, 1.3 billion workers in the world are mobile workers. This is the reason; many companies are sought after empowering mobile workforce. Employees are using a single connected device for all...

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Unified Communication Trends that are Driving the Market- Insights Success

Unified Communication Trends that are Driving the Market

Unified Communication integrates all the enterprise communication services which include instant messaging, present information, voice and IP telephony, desktop sharing, data sharing, call control, speech recognition, audio, web, and video conferencing. With its share...