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We have plans to conduct all our molecules to Phase II Proof of Concept clinical trials

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ENYO Pharma: Leveraging viruses to develop first-in-class drug candidates in many indications

In the last decade, the pharmaceutical sector has been facing structural issues when it comes to bringing new pharmaceuticals to the patient. Indeed, studies have revealed that the average cost to develop a single drug has tripled to greater than €1.7Bn in real terms since 2003 while numerous patent expirations have reduced revenues from blockbuster drugs. Also, the average forecast for peak sales has declined by 43% due to increasing development of specialized drugs for smaller patient populations. Lastly, the attrition in the drug development pipeline remains high notably for…………………
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The 10 Fastest Growing Pharmaceutical Companies 2017

Dr. Stuart Koe | Managing Director | ICM Pharma- Insight Success

ICM Pharma: Transforming Science of Drug Development

Recent years have seen exciting discoveries in Pharma Industries that are generating truly novel therapeutics for unmet patient needs. In today’s connected world, the role of the Pharmaceutical Industry is changing rapidly according to...
Dr. Jeffery Saffer and Dr. Vicki Burnett | Founders | Quertle - Insights Success

Quertle: Transforming AI-Based Analytics for Biomedical Big Data

Nowadays, most applications used for searching biomedical literatures are based on keyword technology, which is more than half a century old approach. Quertle, a leading AI-based analytics company, recognized that adding more bells and...

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Dr. Gary Tho | Owner | Chiropractic Works | Insights Success

Top 5 Best Practices that Defines a Successful Wellness Program

Over recent years, more companies are incorporating wellness initiatives into their office environment. It’s mission critical in today's competitive markets, to attracting and retain the best talents. One crucial measurement is the engagement levels...

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Richard M. Low | MD | Praxis EMR - Insights Success

How Innovation in healthcare means going against entrenched beliefs about the nature of charting

American Medicine is in an unprecedented crisis. Doctors are not happy. A recent study by the AMA shows that physicians are spending twice as much time with their Electronic Healthcare Records (EHRs) as they...

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Hans Erik Henriksen | Chief Executive Officer | Healthcare Denmark - Insights Success

Hospital Logistics – Accelerating the Patient Flow in Danish Hospitals

For more than a decade hospital productivity has been a priority in Denmark. A focus on quality and quality improvements has reduced the rate of re-admittance to Danish hospitals and a demand from central...


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An Imperative Association between Neuroscience and e-Learning

The upsurge of e-learning technologies is evident in education all over the world. Communication and application-sharing technologies have had a great influence on formal and informal education, particularly through the use of mobile and...

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Market Dashboard - Insights Success

Social Media Marketing for Pharma Industry

“The absence of pharma brands on social media creates a significant void of reputable healthcare information to aid patients,” writes Dawn Lacallade, LiveWorld’s Chief Social Strategist. Social media infiltrate virtually every facet of an individual’s...


Tech-N-Trends - Insights Success

Revolutionary Factors Affecting Pharmaceutical Industry

The world is changing at an ever-increasing pace. Shopping malls have been replaced with online shopping; traditional classrooms have given way to online classes and soon, driving your own car may seem like a...