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Cover Page - The 10 Fastest Growing Oracle Solution Provider Companies June2017 - Insights Success

Re:Q Technology Consulting: The Okuninushi of Oracle DB

Along with the rapid transition to cloud infrastructure, there are demands for products that have the capacity to bind SQL and NoSQL. Database structures that provide the Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) have rapidly gained demand in the past few years. There has also been a rising demand for an automated management system that streamlines maintenance, patching, provisioning, updates and upgrades. Currently, many of the organisations aspire to choose various types of cloud based service depending………………..
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Mr. Sohil Kothari | Co-Founder | Prodware Solutions - Insights Success

Prodware Solutions: A Talent Driven Organization

With the zeal of giving something back to the community, two youngsters founded a company named Prodware Solutions…………………
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The 10 Fastest Growing Oracle Solution Provider Companies

Satoshi Adachi | Partner | @Stream Corporation - Insights Success

@Stream: Helping Clients to Transform Businesses

Organizations across the globe are adopting various cloud solutions to grow faster, serve better, and transform their business processes. One such cloud application is Oracle which helps its users to grow over the years...
Komal Goyal | CEO | 6e Technologies - Insights Success

6e Technologies: A Technology Millennial Integrating and Automating Processes

Today Information Technology is being redefined by cloud technology. The IT concept of on-premise is slowly fading away to off-premise. Cloud computing has caused a paradigm shift in information technology. With Oracle Cloud Applications...
Kevin Kennedy | President & CEO | Avaya - Insights success

Avaya: Delivering an Unforgettable Customer Experience across every Industry

The first step towards digital transformation is through transformation of a business’ communication platform. This transformation involves both internal collaboration among employees as well as external experience delivered to customers, partners and prospects. It...
Alexey Shliakhouski | IT Director | Elinext Group - Insights Success

Elinext: A Trusted Name for Custom Software Development

One of the latest trends Elinext follows is the integration of Hybrid Cloud. In the near future, software development companies are going to not only continue exploiting their current assets, but also expand their application...
Chris Loranger | Co-Founder & CEO | Plexxis - Insights Success

Plexxis: Revolutionary Thinking. Relentless Customer Focus

There has been a tectonic shift in the construction industry towards cloud applications and it all begins with mobile apps designed for the field. As of now, only few have moved their entire operations...
Aman Bedi | CTO | TAISTech - Insights Success

TAISTech: Delivering Solutions through Groundbreaking Innovations

Cloud IP traffic is growing at a staggering rate of 30% each year. So, it is no surprise that Cloud Computing is increasingly being accepted in almost every industrial sector. Currently, companies are learning about...

CXO Standpoint

Alexey Shliakhouski | IT Director | Elinext Group - Insights Success

Mastering Big Data with Oracle Solutions

Do you know how much data is flowing in and out your company? The world produces data in amounts that cannot be digested by companies. Well, probably you can face the challenge of capturing...

Industry Watch

Time to Unlock New Business Opportunities with Oracle - Insights Success

Time to Unlock New Business Opportunities with Oracle

The world is undergoing some massive changes day-by-day, and the world of technology is changing even faster than that. Some amazing features adding up with the Oracle Solutions are spicing up the business opportunities...

Trend thoughts

Oracle: The Undisputed Leader in Innovation - Insights Success

Oracle: The Undisputed Leader in Innovation

It has taken years of hard work and patience to evolve Oracle from a basic database software provider to a giant software enterprise, that now rules the world. Since the last three decades, Oracle...