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We listen to the market and specifically our clients. RMS works with some of the nation’s most prestigious and advanced healthcare systems and provider groups, as well as some of the top healthcare banks in the country.

Cover Page - The 10 Fastest Growing Healthcare Solutions Provider Companies 2017 September 2017 - Insights Success

RMS: Revolutionizing Your Revenue

Nowadays, healthcare institutions find themselves bound to ever-changing regulatory specifications and dynamic market forces. All the while, they’re striving to deliver best-possible outcomes to their patients while still adding to their bottom lines and maintaining their own financial health. Financial stability goes a long way in allowing these institutions to operate at peak efficiency, which translates to a stronger, healthier community……………….
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The 10 Fastest Growing Healthcare Solutions Provider Companies 2017

David S. Wolliams III | Founder & CEO | Care3 - Insights Success

Care3: Caring Together

It is said that all you have is your health, but healthcare is neither equally accessible nor delivered at equal levels for all. Disparities in healthcare access, quality, and delivery are some of the...
Chad Zerangue | Founder & President | Simplicity Health Systems - Insights Success

Simplicity Health Systems: Providing a Unique Healthcare Communication and Content Sharing Platform

Simplicity Health Systems (SHS) was founded by three tech-savvy entrepreneurs during 2009 in response to the federal government’s Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH Act), which was a call for...
Mark D. Boyce | CEO & President | Scribe - Insights Success

Scribe: Enabling Healthcare Providers to Focus on What Matters Most – Patient Care

Scribe empowers healthcare providers in creating and managing medical records, and more than 50,000 healthcare professionals use Scribe. Scribe is at the point in healthcare where the “rubber meets the road.” It’s where the...
AbdulMalik Shakir | Co-founder, President & Chief Informatics Scientist | Hi3 Solutions - Insights Success

Hi3 Solutions: Establishing the Dynamic Methodologies towards Healthcare Era

Impetuous exchange of large amount of information is crucial to the delivery of best healthcare solution on all levels of the healthcare delivery system—the patient, the care team, the healthcare organization, and the encompassing...
Richard Lieberman | Chief Data Scientist | Mile High Healthcare Analytics - Insights Success

Mile High Healthcare Analytics: Re-imagining Healthcare

The healthcare analytics industry is undergoing a revolutionary change from volume to value orientation. The sudden emphasis on an improved quality healthcare, reduced length-of-stay at hospitals, lower costs of healthcare, and fraud detection, are...

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Richard M. Low | MD | Praxis EMR - Insights Success

How Innovation in healthcare means going against entrenched beliefs about the nature of charting

American Medicine is in an unprecedented crisis. Doctors are not happy. A recent study by the AMA shows that physicians are spending twice as much time with their Electronic Healthcare Records (EHRs) as they...
Dr. Gary Tho | Owner | Chiropractic Works | Insights Success

Top 5 Best Practices that Defines a Successful Wellness Program

Over recent years, more companies are incorporating wellness initiatives into their office environment. It’s mission critical in today's competitive markets, to attracting and retain the best talents. One crucial measurement is the engagement levels...


Artificial Intelligence: A Game Changer for Healthcare - Insights Success

Artificial Intelligence: A Game Changer for Healthcare

Think about all the inefficiencies in your daily life; traffic jams, snail mails, long queues, and so on. These inadequacies though annoying are not a matter of life and death. Such is not the...


Upcoming Trends that will Change the Face of Pharma Industrys - Insights Success

Upcoming Trends that will Change the Face of Pharma Industry

The pharmaceutical manufacturing market is flourishing and is predicted to reach 1.3 trillion US Dollars by 2020. Technological innovations like mobile applications, cloud-based data storage, advanced analytics, and IoT are transforming the healthcare industry....