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Cover Page - The 10 Fastest Growing Healthcare Solution Provider Companies October 2016 - Insights Success

Sanovas: Go Beyond. See Beyond.

Continuous progress in medical technology has allowed doctors to diagnose better, intervene early and save lives. Early intervention and treatment not only save lives but ultimately lower related health care costs. Medical interventions, the ability to access the body without surgery to diagnose and treat, have flourished in the past few decades. Now, however, opportunity and necessity have combined to redefine what is possible through interventions and to make what is possible accessible, affordable, and safe for more………….
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The 10 Fastest Growing Healthcare Solution Provider Companies

David Barzillai | Founder & President | Advanced Data Systems Corporation - Insights Success

Advanced Data Systems: Meeting the Challenges & Changes within the Healthcare Industry

Boosting profitability and productivity with the Medics Suite of proven clinical, financial, and management automation for practices and medical billing companies, that is what Advanced Data Systems Corporation (ADSC) is known for. ADS holds...
Jonathan Prince | CEO | DataSmart Solutions LLC - Insights Success

DataSmart Solutions: Improving Healthcare with Analytics

Hospitals and healthcare organizations around the globe are undergoing a transformation as they move slowly from a volume-based model to a value-based paradigm. The industry is challenged by inefficiencies, errors, sub-optimal clinical outcomes and...
Matt Molchan | President CEO & Director | Digirad Corporation - Insights Success

Digirad Corporation: Making Healthcare Convenient

Healthcare industry is a sector which integrates all the available science and technology, and applies it to the human welfare. Unlike other industries, this division directly communicates with human health, fitness and wellness. Hence,...
Julie Thomas | CEO & Brad Hinely CTO | DocsInk - Insights Success

DocsInk®: Growing Steadily to Seamlessly Connect Healthcare Communities

Mobile technology and cloud-based services are becoming game changers in the healthcare sector, with increasing levels of adoption across the nation.  DocsInk®, a mobile charge capture and clinical communication platform, is one of the...
AL Vega | CEO | SPH Analytics - Insights Success

SPH Analytics: Empowering Healthcare Transformation

SPH Analytics (SPHA) is leading the way for the next generation of healthcare solutions that effectively manage population health, measure clinical effectiveness, and positively impact patient/member experience while reducing costs. The company is certified...
Chocko valliappa founder and CEO Vee Technologies

Vee Technologies: Putting Business Processes into High Gears

Vee Technologies, founded in 2000, dually headquartered in New York in USA, and Bangalore, India, is a fast-growing global business process management firm that helps companies realize extraordinary outcomes in BPM. The company delivers...
William King Founder & Executive Chairman Zephyr Health

Zephyr Health: Providing Analytics to Healthcare

The healthcare industry is evolving rapidly.  With pressure coming from new business models, getting to the right data to demonstrate value and improve product commercialization is becoming essential for life sciences companies. To bridge...

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Innovative Food And Beverages ‘From Farm To Fork’

From strict regulatory requirements, increased consumer awareness, market consolidation and more complex supply chains, food and beverage (F&B) manufacturers face constant challenges today to deliver innovative products more efficiently to the retail market and...

What Google Learned About Teams (and what leaders can do about it) By Patty...

Team members at Google are challenged in much the same way as nearly everyone else in corporate life. To get things done, they need to come together fast and tackle complex tasks that have...

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Balasubramanian Venkatachalam | Founder | BabyBerry - Insights Success

Balasubramanian Venkatachalam Founder of BabyBerry, Responses for Insights Success

Q. There are so many apps getting launched daily, however what got our interest to speak to you was because you shard BabyBerry is a Made in India global parenting app – explain this...

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Why Yoga defines better health?

Why Yoga defines better health?

The present world is frenetic, whether you are working or nonworking. Everyone is required to be in a constant state of rushing around. On the other hand, Yoga was in practice when the time...

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Why Yoga defines better health?

How Technology Will Change the Healthcare?

Since the formation of the universe from the Big Bang theory, health has always been an important part of mankind. The techniques used to cure diseases in the past are no longer the same...