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Quartal Financial Solutions: Technological Excellence for Fee & Commission Management

The traditional ‘Revenue and Expense Management Market’ definitely claims to provide efficient output but fails to mark up to the expectations. Today, there is a […]

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Backbase: The Next Generation Digital Banking Software

New emerging technologies and user friendly applications have given rise to world digitalization. While every industry is striving to become digital friendly, Financial Institutions are […]

FinTech: The NextGen Technology

Financial Technology or FinTech is completely transforming the way financial services companies function and how the businesses buy, protect and manage wealth in this FinTech […]

Cashbook: Making Banks & ERPs Talk

Money being a basic necessity of any company, financial services plays a crucial role for Management. With the purpose to build super intelligent cash management […]

Financial Immunity from Inflation

There are many definitions of inflation, but in easy words, inflation is a decrease in the value of unit currency. To understand this phenomenon lets […]

FAST: Flexible Architecture. Simplified Technology.

As the market grows increasingly competitive insurers around the globe are re-evaluating their strategies to identify new avenues for growth while sustaining current business. Based […]

G2 Web Services: Enabling Better Onboarding. Stronger Compliance. Faster Decisions.

Financial institutions (FIs) supporting global payments must remain vigilant in the face of rapidly-changing risks and fraud. With consumer demand, payment options, channels and places […]

PaySett Corporation: Changing The Way Money Moves

Recognizing that the International market required a more modern payment software product, easier to implement and more cost effective at moving payments between organizations, Benny […]

Payveris: Disrupting the Disruptors in Digital Payments

Payveris offers an industry leading cloud based open API digital payment and money movement platform designed to enable financial institutions to transform their customers’ digital […]

Securonix : Security Analytics. Delivered.

Why do robbers rob banks? Because that’s where the money is. Just as financial institutions have always been prime targets for traditional heists, they are […]

SQream Technologies: Rising Above New Big Data Challenges

Finance is rapidly evolving with the proliferation of vast amounts of data used and collected across almost every type of consumer and commercial financial interaction. […]