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Cover Page - The 10 fastest growing EMR - EHR solution providers - Insights Success

RxNT: Redefining “Better Way” for Prescribing and Practice Management

A notable shift in the healthcare landscape has taken a place over the course of the last few years, with a focus on embracing technology and transitioning towards value-based care. As technology continues its impact on healthcare, the adoption of new IT options has been able to reduce costs and increase efficiencies Electronic Health Records (EHR) has emerged as a pre-eminent part of value-based care which not only improves modern medical practice management but also increases practice efficiencies and cost………………
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The 10 Fastest Growing EMR-EHR Solution Providers 2017

Ramana Reddy | CEO & President | EnSoftek - Insights Success

EnSoftek: Serving Health and Human Services Industry with the Touch of Technological Expertise

The current scenario suggests that EMR-EHR industry is one of the most growing and promising industries all over the world. It is bringing some of the greatest improvements in the healthcare sector, including major...
Roland Therriault | President & Executive Vice President of Sales | InSync Healthcare Solution - Insights Success

InSync Healthcare Solutions: Transforming Exclusive Transcription and Efficient Patient Care

Healthcare institutions continually strive to deliver high-quality patient care and increase profit boundaries while adhering to a burgeoning array of regulatory specifications. When hospitals and healthcare organizations save lives, and treat patients, they also...
Dr. Richard Low | MD, Founder & CEO | Praxis EMR - Insights Success

PRAXIS EMR: The Only EHR that gets Smarter and Faster as You Use It

The EMR-EHR industry is in disarray. Yes, there are solutions available out there, but they are all based on boilerplate, templates, and picklists, and have decreased the quality of medicine, increased its costs and driven...
Diane Carco | President | Swingtide - Insights Success

Swingtide: A Boutique Consulting Firm with Deep Expertise in IT Sourcing, IT Finance, and...

Over the past decade, healthcare providers have progressively seen the importance of IT in delivering quality care to their patients. From the new meaningful use guidelines, to health information connections, to new ways to...
Gerry M. Speranza | Co-Founder & COO | Alex P. Alexander | Co-Founder & CEO | TenEleven Group - Insights Success

TenEleven Group: The Premier EHR for Behavioral Health

The Behavioral Health services industry is currently undergoing a significant change.The payment model is shifting from one that is based on the number of services provided, to one based on the outcomes of the...

CXO Standpoint

Hans Erik Henriksen | Chief Executive Officer | Healthcare Denmark - Insights Success

Hospital Logistics – Accelerating the Patient Flow in Danish Hospitals

For more than a decade hospital productivity has been a priority in Denmark. A focus on quality and quality improvements has reduced the rate of re-admittance to Danish hospitals and a demand from central...
Jonathan M. Prince & CEO | DataSmart Solutions - Insights Success

Contemporary Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

Technology in healthcare has never been more important than is today, and its role is growing by the hour.  The industry has moved from lab screen analysis, record keeping, and claims processing into the...


Adding Mobility to Healthcare via EMR-EHR - Insights Success

Adding Mobility to Healthcare via EMR-EHR

In the quest of reducing the bulk process involved in handling the affairs of patients by the medical practitioners, and to facility the process of getting close to hands the information which may be...


Trends To Be Followed In Electronic Health Record System - Insights Success

Trends To Be Followed In Electronic Health Record System

Medical Science is something which is growing at a very fast pace. For noting down the diagnosis, the doctor no more requires a pen and paper. Even the words “Electronic Health Records” are not...