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Solving the Biggest Problems in the Largest Markets

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OTCXN: Using Blockchain to Solve the Hardest Problems

While looking at the structure of cryptocurrency exchanges and learning about blockchain, serial entrepreneur Rosario M. Ingargiola realized a potential innovation that could transform the industry for the better. He recognized how a properly architected blockchain-based infrastructure, coupled with key market infrastructure and services, could be leveraged to provide a new way of facing counterparties without credit and settlement risk. “This was not only possible, but preferable, and sorely needed in the real-world asset trading arena, as well as in the……………….
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The 10 Fastest Growing Blockchain Solution Providers 2018

Alex Alexandrov | Founder & CEO | CoinPayments - Insights Success

CoinPayments: A Major Leap in the Business World of Cryptocurrencies

Currencies around the globe have evolved from being a barter system that ruled the roost in ancient times. A barter economy is unfeasible today; however when it was applied, it may have provided certain...
Hanief Kader | CEO | Cubebucks LTD - Insights Success

Cubebucks: A New Form of Cryptocurrency Ensuring Stability in a Volatile Market

With cryptocurrencies continuing to rise in valuation, they are becoming more alarming as well, prompting financial experts and regulators to be worried about the rise of cryptocurrencies. There are fundamental questions, which have not...
Normunds Kvilis | Co - Founder & CEO | DigiPulse - Insights Success

DigiPulse: Shaping the World of Digital Inheritance

DigiPulse was founded with the aim of ensuring that all digital asset holders and crypto wallet users have ultimate control over who inherits their digital and crypto assets. While cryptocurrency is rapidly gaining global momentum,...
Irfon Watkins | CEO & Co - Founder | DOVU - Insights Success

DOVU: Using Blockchain Technology to Democratize Data

Known to be the biggest innovation in computer science - Blockchain Technology has unleashed the technological genie out of its bottle. Blockchain is basically a distributed database, wherein it builds trust through extensive collaboration...
Edmund Lowell | Founder & CEO | KYC - Chain - Insights Success

KYC-Chain: The Ultimate Identity Platform

Every new and emerging technology follows a trail of predictable hype cycle. Right from its inception, molded with dramatized expectations, followed down the passage of disappointment leading towards the ascend of enlightenment; eventually reaching...
Erik Voorhees | CEO | ShapeShift - Insights Success

ShapeShift: Enabling Users to Exchange Digital Currencies Safely

ShapeShift is a Swiss-based digital currency exchange that was founded in 2014. From start to finish, it enables users to quickly exchange Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and 70+ other digital currencies with no account required. ShapeShiftone...
Matt Lockyer | Head of Blockchain Communications | Vanbex Group - Insights Success

Vanbex Group: Bridging the Gap between Businesses and Blockchain

Technology disrupts technology. As with any other pioneering technology, there comes a technological advancement once in several decades that revamps and redefines innovation and enables other technologies to be built on the same. The...
Dan Wasyluk | CEO | Blockchain Foundry - Insights Success

Blockchain Foundry: Revolutionizing the Technology of Businesses

Blockchains are not like any other innovations which you can see and touch as easily as a smartphone or a package delivered from an e-commerce website. However, they are on the path to exert...

Block Talks

Khai Lin Chua | Co - founder & CFO | Fundnel - Insights Success

How Smart are Blockchain Smart Contracts?

The dizzying rise in the valuation of bitcoin has created significant buzz in the finance sector. While much focus has centred around the viability of bitcoin in financial systems, the technology that undergirds the...

Leadership Viewpoint

Arwen Smith | CMO | DOVU - Insights Success

What’s the role of Blockchain in 2018?

Tokens power decentralized applications. Within its native protocol a token serves as a means of exchange, store of value, and unit of account. Looking beyond Bitcoin, tokens are capturing the world’s attention with their...

Specialist Column

Yoni Assia | Founder & CEO | eToro - Insights Success

Blockchain in Business

Blockchain for most is a cryptic term never heard of before, or at best associated with tech types. But this lack of awareness of blockchain is in no way an indicator of the lack...

Future Tech

Future of Technology Through the Eyes of SAP Experts - Insights Success

Future of Technology Through the Eyes of SAP Experts

Clock is ticking by and the time is moving away every moment. What is future today, will be passed soon. As days pass by, it becomes easier for the industry experts to guess about...