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Paul Kent | MD | Sureswipe - Insights Success

Sureswipe: Championing the Entrepreneural Growth

The FinTech industry is rising, and has been reshaping the financial sector by improving the quality of services, cutting costs and providing feature packed services […]

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Mark Nunnikhoven | Vice President | Cloud Research at Trend Micro - Insights Success
Are You Staying in Network Secure Zone?

One word can sum up the most common strategy for network defense – “boxy.” Building and maintaining a strong perimeter has a long and storied […]

Krish N | EVP & Business Head | 3i Infotech - Insights Success
3i Infotech: Empowering Business Transformation

The banking sector is going through exciting transformation as a wider base of customers are getting to bank under financial inclusion initiatives of various governments, […]

Invasion of Robots and AI into Banking Industry - Insights success
Invasion of Robots and AI into Banking Industry

Robots are no longer just an object of fascination in sci-fi movies. Their invasion in the banking sector is now eminent. Robots and AI in […]

Ken Levine | President & CEO | Digital Guardian - Insights Success
Digital Guardian: Data Protection Platform to Secure Structured and Unstructured Data

Data protection is the process of protecting data and involves the relationship between the collection and dissemination of data and technology, the public perception and […]

Suneera Madhani | Founder | CEO | Fattmerchant - Insights Success
Fattmerchant:Ruling the Payment Solutions Space

As the Banking Solution industry grows so does technological industries. When these two industries come together there is no limit to the opportunities for growth […]

Looking Back into the Future: Debarring the Speculations and being a part of the Recoveries - Insights Success
Looking Back into the Future: Debarring the Speculations and being a part of the Recoveries

It was once famously said by Sir Winston Churchill, “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” The best […]

Shailesh Naik | Founder & CEO | Leow Hsueh Huah (HH) | COO & Co Founder | MatchMove - Insights success
MatchMove: Enabling Cashless Payments Effortlessly

The traditional wallet- the little leather pouch that holds your cash, credit cards, driver’s license, loyalty cards and family pictures has been a necessity for […]

Chris Gilbert | Chairman | MIRACL- Insights Success
MIRACL: Unleashing Billions of Digital Transactions with Integrity

From the point of view of technology, banks are not known for embracing change quickly. However, instead of banks, the Government is leading the topic […]

David Mitchell | President | NYMBUS - Insights Success
NYMBUS: Introducing the Next Generation of Cloud Based Core Banking

Cloud computing technology is one of the fastest growing technologies of the era, and cloud based core banking applications are one of the largest markets […]

Ruslan | Desyatnikov | Founder & CEO | QA Mentor - Insights Success
QA Mentor: A Software Quality Assurance Expert

With the creation of large chunks of data and rapid advancements in IoT, mobile and cloud technologies in banks and financial institutions, the software testing industry […]

Alexey Malyshev | CEO | SDK. Finance - Insights Success The Powerful Fintech Engine

There is always a buzz in the media and entrepreneurial circles about a popular catch phrase called “Fintech”. Though the global population is getting acquainted […]