Cover Story

Susumu Matsuda, Director of Santoku Corporation

Susumu Matsuda: Enhancing the Safety Measures with Virtual Reality

When the word Virtual Reality (VR) comes to mind, there are several mind-blowing things that one starts to wonder about. However, a slim thought of […]

Project Listings

Alexander Taits, Founder & CEO of FusionFlight
Alexander Taits: A Tech-Savvy Leader Shaping the Modern World

What separates tech leaders from the herd is their deep understanding of what technology can achieve. After understanding the possibilities, they work their finger to […]

Federico Protto, CEO of Retelit
Federico Protto: Bringing Transformative Shifts to Make Business Smarter

When innovative technologies are implemented, they drive behavioral changes as consumers represent potential new markets. To improve efficiency and effectiveness in the current business logic, […]

JD Engelbrecht, MD of Everlytic
JD Engelbrecht: Offering You Well-Suited Strategies

When you are in the field of marketing and technology, you bring ideas to life. The field requires a creative mindset to deliver the best. […]