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Delivering Pragmatic, Functional, and Organized Home Solutions

We are living in a world where everyone prefers smart things. People like to control everything with a touch of a button. Everyone wants smartwatches, […]

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Brandon Glancy, Corporate Training Manager of Aprilaire
Aprilaire: A Breath of Fresh Air

Air quality in our homes has been a growing risk the past few decades as tighter building envelopes have decreased the amount of fresh, clean […]

BrickControl: Facilitating Total Management of Construction Projects Easily and Efficiently

With a mission to improve the operations of the construction sector, facilitating the management of the entities and entities in charge of developing and directing […]

Netatmo Logo
Netatmo: A Step Towards your Smart Home

A healthy indoor environment helps you to feel comfortable, impacting your productivity and ability to concentrate on work. When it comes to home, a lot […]

Sean Da, CEO & Founder of YI Technology
YI Technology: Making Lives of People Safer, Richer and More Fun with Smart Cameras and Computer Vision

We live in a world filled with smart devices from phones, watches, TVs, and many more. Creating smart homes with smart lifestyle features is now […]