Cover Page | The 10 Best Performing SAP Solution Providers 2018 [ Insights Success ]

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Alessandro Cozzi | Founder & CEO | Wiit [ Insights Success ]

WiiT: The Critical Private and Hybrid Cloud Solution Provider for Business Applications

The SAP industry has become the backbone of various businesses. Not only it has sped up innovation in the industry but more importantly, it has delivered operational efficiency […]

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Fog Computing | Insights Success
Fog Computing On a Surge

World is growing at a fast pace and so is data. Agility and flexibility of big data applications are gradually taking the form of the […]

Brad Hill | Director Of Global Sales & Marketing | Vroozi - Insights Success
Leverage Existing SAP Solutions with Cloud Procurement

Companies that have already invested in SAP find that they can achieve even better results from their existing investment with cloud technology and eProcurement. After […]

Future of Technology Through the Eyes of SAP Experts - Insights Success
Future of Technology Through the Eyes of SAP Experts

Clock is ticking by and the time is moving away every moment. What is future today, will be passed soon. As days pass by, it […]

Daghan Cam | Co-founder & CEO | Ai Build - Insights Success
Beyond Automation: AI powered Autonomous Factories of the Future

Rise of the industrial robots in 1980s led to a major evolution of Henry Ford’s assembly line concept. Routine tasks that were being handled by […]

Christopher Carter | CEO | Approyo [ Insights Success ]
Approyo: Evolving with SAP Technology

The world of technology is in a state of constant flux; it is driven by innovation and leaves no room for stagnancy or complacency. For precisely these reasons, Approyo has […]

Herrington Technology: State-of-the-Art SAP Solutions [ Insights Success ]
Herrington Technology: State-of-the-Art SAP Solutions

Herrington Technology is a well-known and prestigious name in the SAP solutions industry. The company was established in 2009 and is currently headquartered in Manhattan, New York on Wall Street. It […]

Layer Seven Security: A Cutting Edge Cyber Security Partner

Layer Seven Security is a leading cybersecurity company in the 10 Best Performing SAP Solution Providers for 2018. The SAP partner offers a unique and […]

Ganapathi Pulipaka | CEO | Deep Singularity LLC [ Insights Success ]
Deep Singularity: Does the World Need a new AI-based Operating System to ignite the AI Winter?

There has been tumultuous excitement in the Computer Science field surrounding the potential of applying machine learning algorithms to the commercial problems at enterprise scale over the last few decades. Solving […]

Steven Branch | Founder, President & CEO | Configurable Management [Insights Success]
Configurable Management: Delivering Excellence in SAP and Service Solutions

Configurable Management is a prominent business solution provider for SAP and non-SAP businesses. It specializes in data life cycle management, business process automation, master data […]

SAP HANA: A Revolutionary Step towards enhancing Database Servers

“Innovative database server occupied with a secure and encrypted technique – SAP HANA”. SAP HANA is an introductory technology used as a database server to […]

K5 Business: A Unique and Expert SAP Solution

The business world is at a stage of technological evolution, and the biggest challenge for SAP customers is that they are not certain which direction to go. Large organizations typically resist […]

VistaVu Solutions: Implementing Leading SAP Innovation in North America

VistaVu Solutions is one of the leading SAP ERP Cloud providers in North America. The company has made rapid progress in the industry thanks to its fast moving and fast […]