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“Enhancing the connection at the heart of the sale.”

Cover Page - The 10 best performing Salesforce solution providers 2017 - Insights Success

SAVO: A Passion for Sellers and Selling

In 1999, sales consulting firms noticed a troubling sales execution trend – organizational red tape and roadblocks were preventing sellers from focusing on what they were hired to do—sell. This challenge wasn’t limited to any particular industry, location, or company size; it was common and widespread amongst many organizations with a large customer-facing presence. To address this problem, the SAVO Group began to pioneer Sales Enablement. They developed the SAVO Sales Enablement Platform to help clients reinforce and drive processes around their Sales Enablement strategies……………
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The 10 Best Performing Salesforce Solution Providers 2017

Samir Kumar | President & Co-Foundre | Cloudaction -InsightsSuccess

Cloudaction: A Force for Salesforce

Established in 2015, Cloudaction is a pure-play cloud advisory and technical services company. Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma USA and with a global delivery center in Pune, India, Cloudaction is a company with global ambitions...
Snehal Fulzele | CEO & Co-founder | Cloud Lending Inc. - Insights Success

Cloud Lending Solutions: Next Generation Cloud Lending Solution Provider

Today’s traditional lenders are waking up to the fact that alternative finance companies are cutting into their margins by providing lending solutions with speed, automation and delivery mechanisms that mirror their consumer lives. As...
Steve Campisi | CEO & Co - Founder | Dataflo Consulting - Insights Success

Dataflo Corporation: Advancing CRM Capabilities with Inventory Management

Businesses across industries realize the value of keeping communication open between their organization and the customers they work with. Historically, these interactions may have been tracked through very basic systems, but as information technology...
Bruce Magown | Chairman, CEO & Founder | InterWeave Smart Solutions -Insights Success

InterWeave Smart Solutions: The Most Comprehensive, SaaS Integration Platform for your CRM today

Today, Strategic Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is playing a key role in the establishment and success of any business. A company’s CRM Solution must support their customers, the marketplace, multiple technologies and corporate marketing...
Jim Foster | CEO | Riskonnect Inc. - Insights Success

Riskonnect: Sole Provider of True Integrated Risk Management Solutions

Nowadays, corporations are beginning to understand the importance of integrated risk management solutions, but there is still a lot of work to be done both in the implementation of these solutions as well as...

Expert’s Views

Lennard Stoever | Co - founder & CEO | minubo - Insights Success

Significance of Predictive Analytics in Salesforce

Predictive Analytics have become the “big thing” in the retail industry and I agree, they can be an important and powerful tool for brands and retailers. Why? First of all, they enable commerce organizations...

CXO Standpoint

Mohsin Memon | Founder | Memcrop Immersive Learning - Insights Success

Surfing Ahead of the Trend: How to spot an opportunity and grow

Today we live in a time which is unprecedented in human history. Technology evolves at the drop of a hat and as it does, changes many tangible and intangible elements with it. Five years...
Hardik Parekh | Founder & CEO | Searce - Insights Success

Make the Change Or Become the Change

On landing at the Bengaluru airport last week, I ferried my backpack to the shared cab stand on a pleasant 18 degree Celsius morning, and waited for Uber. In a few minutes a cheerful...

Can Analytics Change the Way Companies Collaborate and Consume Technology?

Can we honestly say that our professional day starts with a morning clearly with intentions as to what we should be doing, how we should be working, whom we should be working with and...

Editor’s Perspective

Editor_s_Perspective - Insights Success

Software as a Service: A Contemporary Way to Run Software

Today, we are living in a digital age. Almost all organization use computer system to operate their businesses. Be it a government organization like railways or private MNCs like Google. To operate a business...

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Environmental Responsibilities for Business - Insights Success

Environmental Responsibilities for Business

Under the Environmental Responsibility of the Corporates, it is expected to operate in a manner that protects the environment. Going beyond business activities and taking care of the environment can bring business benefits. Now...

Strategy Talk

How to Grow your Business with Mobile App [ Insights Success ] [ Infograpghics ]

How mobile apps can fuel your business revenue

Ten years back nobody knew that mobile phone could participate in the revolution of the businesses. The advent of the smartphone made easier the way of reaching customers. Digital revolution impacted businesses more through mobile...