The 10 Best Performing Salesforce Solution Providers 2017 December2017

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“Enhancing the connection at the heart of the sale.”

Cover Page - The 10 best performing Salesforce solution providers 2017 - Insights Success

SAVO: A Passion for Sellers and Selling

In 1999, sales consulting firms noticed a troubling sales execution trend – organizational red tape and roadblocks were preventing sellers from focusing on what they were hired to do—sell. This challenge wasn’t limited to any particular industry, location, or company size; it was common and widespread amongst many organizations with a large customer-facing presence. To address this problem, the SAVO Group began to pioneer Sales Enablement. They developed the SAVO Sales Enablement Platform to help clients reinforce and drive processes around their Sales Enablement strategies……..
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The 10 Best Performing Salesforce Solution Providers 2017

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