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beqom: The Cloud Compensation Experts

To win in the marketplace, one must first win in the workplace. The companies around the world are expected to create an environment where employees can thrive to enjoy better workforce retention, enhanced growth opportunities, and markedly improve resistance to market pressures in tough times. One of the simplest ways to achieve this is through a fair, commensurate and transparent system of compensation. A company that is known for its focus on giving its clients simple, and reliable and versatile employee compensation options, is……….
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The 10 Best Performing Sales Management Solution Providers 2018

Mark Herbert | President | Incentives Solutions - Insights Success

Incentives Solutions: A True Partner and Reliable Strategic Advisor

Compensation management has become one of the most complex and challenging aspects of workplace management. The issue is compounded by the inherent difficulties in aligning compensation in organizations that are growing and those with a global workforce. To streamline and simplify the compensation...
Dr. Cindy Gordon | Founder & CEO | SalesChoice Inc. - Insights Success

SalesChoice: Predicting Sales Outcomes with Unmatched AI Accuracy

Research shows that between thirty and sixty percent of sales professionals’ struggle to achieve their sales targets, while another thirty percent suffers from attention deficit disorder. Compounded by the human attention span dropping by 50% in the last ten years (due largely...
Jason North | CEO & Product Architect | Sumo Scheduler - Insights Success

SUMO Scheduler: A Leading Platform for Appointment Scheduling

As businesses strive to be agiler, there is a growing demand for technological solutions that will provide them with a competitive edge. Online appointment scheduling software is one such business solution that enterprise companies...

Simplifying Execution

Steven A. Rosen | Founder | STAR Results - Insights Success

7 Obstacles in Executing Excellence

I find it shocking that statistics show 60%-90% of companies fail to execute their strategies. HBR quotes a survey where more than 400 global CEO’s from Asia, Europe and the United States found that executional...

Expert’s Views

Lennard Stoever | Co - founder & CEO | minubo - Insights Success

Significance of Predictive Analytics in Salesforce

Predictive Analytics have become the “big thing” in the retail industry and I agree, they can be an important and powerful tool for brands and retailers. Why? First of all, they enable commerce organizations...

Industry Leads

Alan Price | CEO | BrightHR - Insights Success

Working Lazy: The Modern Day Synonym for Working Smarter

Bill Gates famously said he would always 'choose a lazy person to do a difficult job' at Microsoft 'because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.' Despite Bill’s point, when it...

Industry Standpoint

Jacqueline | Head | of Client Care | LegalVision - Insights Success

Legal Practices Providing Real Value to the Clients

We know how a great client experience feels. A quick email reply from a business makes us feel like we are their only customer. The convenience of online check-in for a flight provides a...

Strategy Talk

How to Grow your Business with Mobile App [ Insights Success ] [ Infograpghics ]

How mobile apps can fuel your business revenue

Ten years back nobody knew that mobile phone could participate in the revolution of the businesses. The advent of the smartphone made easier the way of reaching customers. Digital revolution impacted businesses more through mobile...

Industry Trends

Key POS Trends Reshaping the Retail Sector - Insights Success

Key POS Trends Reshaping the Retail Sector

In recent times, the retail industry hasn’t seen a more exciting invention since the invention of cash register. With new and innovative technologies helping shape both online and offline experiences for consumers, the landscape...

Pitching Success

Pitching Success - Insights Success

The Importance of a Sales Strategy

Every business thrives solely on its sales as the revenue generation revolves around the efficiency of its sales strategy. This strategy can only be devised by engaging in the creation and implementation of a...