The 10 Best Performing Leaders to Watch July2018

Cover Story

Alex Zwyer: A Novel Approach to Treating ADHD and Spreading Hope for Brighter Life Prospects

“Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create.” Alex Zwyer, the CEO of the globally acclaimed NLS-1 Pharma AG (NLS-1), can be portrayed […]

Project Listings

Grace Huang: The Brilliance in Transforming the Digital World

Digital Marketing Industry is constantly evolving and Programmatic Advertising is one of the latest trends to look for within the industry. Programmatic marketing is a […]

Ran Berger: An Unstoppable Brilliance Transforming Conventional Business Ethics

“A smooth sea never made a skilful sailor,” there goes the proverb. Hardships and challenges are indispensable for successful entrepreneurship. Ran Berger, the Founder and […]

Sam Visaisouk: Life with a Purpose

While the iGeneration was introduced late to the technology, the Generation Alpha will be living amongst the machines by birth. Although the world is still […]

Fred Schuster: Pioneering Brand Commerce with Global Perspective

“For a brand to compete today, it needs to constantly inspire, engage, and reach its customers.” – Fred Schuster The incredible pace at which the […]