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Caplinked provides you easy and secure virtual data rooms to share confidential documents and closing deals that matter.

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Caplinked: Helping Organizations Share and Manage Sensitive Files Confidently

In this era of digital connectivity enterprises must continuously transmit proprietary and confidential information to people outside their firewall. But once that information is shared, it can’t be tracked, controlled, or recalled—exposing the company to the risk of it could be misused, lost, or stolen. Enters Caplinked, a company which empowers businesses to retain control of their assets wherever they go; including the security perimeter of the company. Caplinked’s secure platform provides companies with easy-to-use tools for ………..
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The 10 Best Performing Document Management Solution Providers 2018

Joseph E. Wharram | President | Computhink - Insights Success

Computhink and the Five Driving Forces in Document Management this Year

To effectively control and process information, you need to innovate and take advantage of the latest technology and best practices. Five pivotal forces are driving customer demand in 2018: Mobility, Security, Usability, Integration, and Speed. With its existing offerings and upcoming release of...
Lars Von Thienen | Founder and CEO | Noggle - Insights Success

Noggle: Don’t Just Discover and Retrieve Your Data with Cloud, Advance it

Office desks are best known for onboard, unorganized, pending work files piled one over the other. Technological advancements like computer storages, internet-based cloud storages have facilitated various industries with the clean and unflappable desks. It is true that computer-based storage platforms assisted with...
John Harrington | CEO & Chief Technology Officer | ICM Document Solutions - Insights Success

ICM Document Solutions: Simple, Secure, and Affordable Business Automation Software

ICM Document Solutions began its journey in March 1998 as an imaging company. Its first clients needed to create digital copies of drawings, maps, illustrations, and legacy documents. Almost 30 years later, businesses are...
Sasha Reminnyi | Founder & CEO | StepShot - Insights Success

StepShot: Simplified Manual Creation

StepShot is a simple yet powerful software for creating online documentation. It simplifies the process and fills a role previously only possible with the help of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). The company was founded in...
Scott Brandt | CEO | eQuorum Corporation - Insights Success

eQuorum Corporation: Helping Businesses Grow with Industry Leading Technology

“It's not about ideas. It's about making ideas happen.” - Scott Belsky, Co-founder of Behance and a renowned business personality. We might plan building a house alone, but to actually build the house requires many...
Markus Schmucki | Founder, CEO & President | MereSecure - Insights Success

MereSecure®: Helping Organizations Exchange Information Securely

MereSecure® provides secure products and services to companies involved in third-party vendor management and risk management due diligence. Its XMS software tool is designed to keep track of information between clients, customers, consultants, pre-sales...
Josef Neumann | CEO | PALAXO - Insights Success

PALAXO: Innovating the Future of Paperless Initiatives

Paper documents and filing cabinets have long been used to organize information in offices, but that does not mean they are the ideal solution. Offices worldwide have been transitioning from physical to Electronic Document...

Secured Vision

Gisel M. Eckhoff | CEO | DigiPlex - Insights Success

What GDPR forgets: The physical security

The EU’s GDPR legislature will have consequences for every company doing business in Europe, including American companies. The new directive promises sizeable fines to anyone that does not take personal data seriously. Meanwhile, the...

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Donovan Chan | Creative Director | Beach House Pictures - Insights Success

Technology Innovation: An indispensable factor in business

We used to say that the storytelling business is all about the people. Talents from different fields – writing, producing, editing, the list goes on – come together to craft amazing video content that...

Tech Bytes

GIS Boom on the Planet Earth - Insights Success

“Spatial Intelligence”, Making Inroads into Different Sectors

Whether moving in a driverless car or deliver an e-commerce product at customers doorstep. “Location” plays an important role. There is a significant dimension of “Location” in every business transactions. Location can be an...

Customer ‘N’ ovation

customergcyngcoovation - Insights Succss

Should Innovation be Customer-driven?

If Henry Ford had questioned people what they wanted, would they really have said ‘faster horses’? In the realms of business and innovation, Henry Ford was one of the world’s greatest innovators and a quotable aristocrat. Perhaps the most...

Tech Trends

The Digital Phase of Document Management Solutions - Insights Success

The Digital Phase of Document Management Solutions

Since the inception of cloud strategies, that brought the ability to store and access data at anywhere, and any time, the concepts such as Time Management gained a high value, Resource Allocation & Relocation...