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Delivering a sustainable, future-fit data center solution is our core mission.

Data Center Solution - Insights Success

DigiPlex: The Leader for Innovative and Sustainable Data Centers

With just about every aspect of global business becoming digital at its core, the demands for larger, faster and more efficient data storage have never been greater. Like all aspects of business technology, the data center market is evolving in reaction to this demand, with innovative new solutions to address a wide range of challenges, including cost, security, scalability, speed and sustainability. One company that has emerged to set the standards for the next generation of data center solutions is DigiPlex, a………………
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The 10 Best Performing Data Center Solutions Providers 2017

Deepak Jain | Founder & CEO | AiNET - Insights Success

AiNET: Delivering Innovative and Secure Data Services

Deepak Jain, CEO and founder of AiNET has a pretty revolutionary idea: that data centers aren’t supposed to be a commodity anymore. For too long, he believes, data center services providers have only delivered...
Joe Gorman | Comfort Air Product Manager of Camfil Americas | Camfil - Insights Success

Camfil – Bringing Efficient Air Filtration into the World of Data Centers

Since the inception of the Internet in 1960’s, our world has been revolving through data centers. The ever-rising demand of the society for prompt and rapid information has led to the continual growth of...
Peter Gorini | CMO & Founder | DataHub AG- Insights Success

DataHub: A Refreshingly Different Service Provider

The demand for the data center providers is growing exceptionally over the years. Data center organizations often need to implement the state of the art hardware to process, store and manipulate data. Many times,...
Frank Harzheim | CEO | Deltalis - Insights Success

Deltalis: The Secure and Stable Data Center with Innovative Solutions

Considering the high turnover of ideas and fads, it is no wonder that companies’ and their offerings in terms of products and services constantly evolve. Everything is in motion, everything is flowing, and everything...
Ian McClarty | President | phoenixNAP - Insights Success

PhoenixNAP: Delivering IT Services That Fulfill Diverse Infrastructural Needs of Companies

Whether it be smart homes, internet-connected vehicles or the abundance of smart devices and sensors, digitalization is very much the norm today. The data generated by these devices are harnessed and analyzed behind the...
Mr. Anil Kuruvilla | Vice Chairman | Sybyl - Insights Success

Sybyl Kenya Ltd.: Delivering ICT Solutions for over 25 Years

ICT is the infrastructure and components that enable modern computing. However, the term is generally accepted to mean all devices that include networking components, applications, and systems that allow individuals and organizations to interact...

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Connecting Dark Data with IoT

By Adrian Hinrichsen, Marketing & Business Development Director of Datumize The above infographic is astonishing when you really delve into the numbers. The last few years have been quite interesting when it comes to...

Data Center Trends are Demanding Hardware that is as Flexible as Software

By: Ravi Thummarukudy, CEO Mobiveil, Inc. Facebook contends that “two billion photos are shared daily on Facebook services,” a huge amount of data that must be stored, indexed, and managed.  However, this will be dwarfed...

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Data Center Security: Controlling Possible Threats- Insights Success

Data Center Security: Controlling Possible Threats

The rise in cyber crimes is one of the main causes of Data center outages. As per the recent survey conducted by industry insiders, cybercrime caused 22 percent data center outages in 2015 opposed...

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Data Center Migration – Impacting Businesses with Endless Possibilities- Insights Success

Data Center Migration – Impacting Businesses with Endless Possibilities

The usage of data has quickly become one of the biggest assets for any modern-day business or organization. Most businesses nowadays, depend on precise data accumulation and analytics to analyze and perform important decisions....