The 10 Best Performing CRM Solution Providers 2020

Cover Story

David Cummings | founder & CEO | Cool Life CRM

Cool Life CRM: Helping Clients to Make Better Business Decisions

Cool Life CRM was founded with the mission to make a low-cost customer relationship management (“CRM”) system, easy to implement and maintain. Such a system […]

Project Listings

Taras Machyshyn | CEO & Co-founder | EspoCRM
EspoCRM: Helping Clients in Increase Profitability

With the growing usage of internet, every business nowadays is looking to automate their business processes and operations. So, born Ukraine based open source web application EspoCRM. The company’s […]

Pini Yakuel | Co-founder & CEO | Optimove
Optimove: The Science-First Relationship Marketing Hub

Optimove’s mission is to help marketers drive measurable growth by autonomously transforming customer data into actionable insights. The company’s unique technology suite enables the smart orchestration, measurement and optimization of […]

Jan Lalinsky | CEO & Co-founder & Roman Stefko | CTO & Co-founder | eWay-CRM
eWay-CRM: When Effectiveness is the Key

CRM is a quite long-term strategy, when it comes to the field of communication, with the primary focus on customers. The main goal of CRM is to primarily […]