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Our technology is deployed as the basis of multiple commercial applications in medical, finance, logistics and operations software.

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Decisions: A Leading Provider of BPM, Workflow & Rule Technology

Having spent most of his career in enabling enterprises to change rules and change business logic faster, and more reliable, Carl Hewitt had an inherent passion for process automation. He had previously started two successful software companies, but his passion for transforming businesses was calling him to do more in the process automation landscape. He thus, joined hands with the core team he had worked with for a decade, and set the foundation of Decisions. Built on over a decade of trying to find ways to make business logic something a business user can configure, Decisions was named after its core………………..
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Executive Talk

DANA REINER | Senior Director of Business Development & Delivery | Rulesware - Insights Success

Fast: Flexible Architecture and Simplified Technology

The term “business transformation” (BT) may be a buzzword now, but BT is a longstanding practice—and has been the focal point of my 25- year career in technology. BT has evolved from other names like Business Process Reengineering and Digital Transformation………………..
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The 10 Best Performing BPM Solution Providers 2017

Dr. Mathias Krichmer | MD & Co-founder | Peter Franz | MD & Co-founder | BPM-D - Insights Success

BPM-D: The Innovative and Reliable Business Partner

Applying BPM discipline is of vital importance and there is no denying in that. However, it also demands innovative approach and business partner who will take care of the process for you. One such innovative and reliable business partner is BPM-D that...
Max Tsypliaev | Founder, President and CEO | Comindware - Insights Success

Comindware: Helping Organizations to Perform Better

With the goal of reducing human error and miscommunication and focusing stakeholders on the requirements of their roles, BPM is the new fad in tech industry. Often, BPM is the point of connection between...
Paula Selvidge | CEO | PerfectForms - Insights Success

PerfectForms: Enabling Businesses to Build Custom BPM Solutions without Coding

Business Process Management (BPM) has evolved from being the purview of big enterprises with deep pockets to being an essential element of success among businesses of all sizes, and in all industries. Established in...
Sanjay Sharma | CEO/CTO & Founder | Hemant Choudhary | CMO Pericent Technologies - Insights Success

Pericent Technologies: Simplifying Business Experience with Enterprise Solutions

Irrespective of the shape and size of an organization, an efficient Business Process Management (BPM) is of critical importance. BPM puts all the processes within an organization under scrutiny; it uses various models, analytics...
Denis Gagne | Founder | Trisotech - Insights Success

Trisotech: Leading the Way in Digital Transformation

Old methods won’t open new doors, and these days organizations are quick to realize the need to rethink their existing business models and strategies to meet the evolving expectations of their customers. This has...

Thought Leadership

Prof. Dr. Marco Mevius | Chairman of the Board & Founder | Florian Kurz | CEO & Partner | Bamero AG - Insights Success

Companies amid the Digital Transformation Storm

Computer scientist Florian Kurz and Prof. Dr. Marco Mevius lead the bamero AG in close cooperation. Although both personalities sweep everyone around them with their energy and live on agile and process-centric approaches, they also complement...

Editor’s Opinion

Editors Opinion - Insights Success

BPM Implementation: Opening the Door of Efficiency in Business Processes

Like most technologies, the evolution of Business Process Management(BPM) has been meteoric in last few years. There have been great improvements within the industry, and initial adopters have come a long way on this...

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itality of R&D in an Organization’s Growth - Insights Success

Vitality of R&D in an Organization’s Growth

Research and Development plays an important role in leveraging technology to reap maximum benefits in the form of innovative products, processes, and services. Many companies tend to think thatR&D is like a holy grail,...