Cover Page - The 10 Best Performing Big Data Solution Providers 2018 [ Insights Success ]

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Chris matty | co-founder & ceo | versium [Insights Success]

Versium: Powering Data Intelligence

As the market continues to mature and the benefits of AI are understood and realized more and more, companies will want to take advantage of […]

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Victor Ruiz | Co-founder & CEO | actiMirror [ Insights Success ]
actiMirror: A Timeless Piece of Decoration Empowered with Big Data Analytics

The present landscape of Big Data Solution Industry has been filled with multiple players from several stages of big data management across different sectors ranging […]

Emil v Capino | President & COO | Info Alhemy corporation [ Insights Success ]
Info Alchemy Corporation: Empowering Customers to Evolve Into Data-Driven and Analytics-Empowered Organizations

Info Alchemy Corporation was incorporated in 2001 as a regional distribution partner for a recognized data integration software market leader. Fast forward sixteen years, today Info Alchemy has evolved […]

Yaniv Leven | CEO & Co-founder | Roi Avinoam | Co-founder | Panoply [ Insights Success ]
Panoply: Proficiency in Finding Deep Insights from Big Data with Minimum Time and Efforts

Big data and analytics are hot topic these days. Both are firmly embedded in almost every business dialogue. The amount of electronic data the world […]

Joe Caserta | Founder & President | Caserta [ Insights Success ]
Leveraging the Transformative Power of the Cloud

The technology leaders of today’s most successful companies demand improved performance, scalability, agile process adoption, greater change control, improved system stability, better risk management, and […]

Steve J._Demetriou | President & CEO | Jacobs [ Insights Success ]
Jacobs: Big Data Promises Big Solutions

The data universe continues to grow by trillions of Tgigabytes every year, and Big Data trends continue to evolve and change. Data Scientists and Chief […]

Gyorgy lajtai | MD | Lynx Analytics [ Insights Success ]
Lynx Analytics: Solving Real, Complex Problems with the Power of Big Data Graph Analytics

As an industry big data solutions are commoditizing rapidly. This is true in so many ways. Cloud computing and storage are becoming more affordable and […]

Shinji Furusho | President | turbo data Laboratories [ Insights success ]
Turbo Data Laboratories: Pioneers of Future Generation Database Systems

Internet of things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual reality (VR), and Machine learning technologies generate an enormous amount of big data in the backdrop, which […]

Big Data Applications in Various Fields [ Insights Success ]
Big Data Applications in Various Fields

Data as the literal meaning says is any piece of useful information. Big Data refers to enormous amount of structured or unstructured data related to […]

Big Data Driven [ Insights Success ]
Big Data-Driven Enterprises Must Catch-Up with New Drifts

Almost every enterprise today has implemented big-data solutions for the better management of an enterprise. The term big-data altogether holds the functioning of various amenities […]