The 10 Best Management Consulting Firms in 2019 June2019 | online business magazine

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José Oliveira , Co-founder & CEO , BI4ALL | Online Business Magazine

BI4ALL: Actionable Data Insights to Drive Business Success

Technology has brought the virtual world and the real world together in such a way that it has created a major disruption in all industries […]

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Christine Nielsen , Founder & CEO , Contrast Consulting |online business magazine
Contrast Consulting: Helping Companies create Powerful and Sustainable Visions

In an Interview with Insights Success, Christine Nielsen, Founder and CEO of Contrast Consulting shares the inspiring journey of the organization and its valuable contribution […]

Patrick Quinn , President & CEO, PQ Media | online business magazine
PQ Media: Delivering Actionable Market Intelligence and Strategic Consulting

Management consulting is usually a practice of helping companies to improve their overall performance. Companies can seek the services offered by the management consultants for […]